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Political Criminals and their Punishment


Labour MP Clive Betts

Participated in a bogus immigration bid by a former male escort who worked as his assistant

Banned from Commons for 7 days

Conservative MP Michael Trend

Wrongly claimed more than 90,000 worth of expenses

Banned from Commons for 2 weeks

Labour MP Keith Vaz

Convicted of 'a contempt' of the Commons and serious breaches of the MPs' code of conduct, gave 'misleading information' about his financial links to the Hinduja brothers

Banned from Commons for 1 month

Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson

Failed to register a 200,000 payment from a company belonging to former Labour MP and criminal Robert Maxwell

Banned from Commons for 3 weeks

Conservative MP Teresa Gorman

Failed to register rented properties in Portugal; gave "seriously misleading" information about connections with offshore companies; introducing a Bill to change the Rent Act without declaring a financial interest; gave misleading information about interests in offshore companies

Banned from Commons for 1 month

Labour MP Don Touhig

Leaked a select committee report on child benefit

Banned from Commons for 3 days

Labour MP Kali Mountford

Let Mr Touhig see a photocopy of a draft document, denied the leak at first but forced to admitted it

Banned from Commons for 5 days

Labour MP Ernie Ross

Leaked a Foreign Affairs Select Committee report to Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

Banned from Commons for 2 weeks without pay

Labour MP Fiona Jones

Convicted in the courts of falsely declaring expenses for 1997 general election

Disqualified from parliament but won an appeal resumed her seat

Labour MP Ronnie Campbell

Called the a Tory Shadow Minister a 'hypocrite'

Ordered out of Commons for the rest of the day

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Accepted a bung of £300,000 over a Greek island development project

Cleared of corruption because he is too dim to know when he is being bribed!

London's mayor Ken Livingstone

Was rude to a pushy Jewish journalist while off duty

Suspended on full pay, for
4 weeks
   In effect, he got a 4-week holiday with pay!


Councillor M.

Addressed his council on a dead issue which, the Standards Board for England ruled, could have affected the state of his personal happiness or unhappiness (no financial interest involved)

Suspended from active membership of his council for 1 year

If you would like to know more about M.'s 'crime' and the background to his 'case', check out the Kangaroo II link on the Garbagegate website.
[Note: if you are viewing this page a long time after June 2004, the Garbagegate article has probably been moved to one of the archives. Ed.]

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