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Brown Reject Booted Out!
A nation rejoices!

  The Commonwealth descends on Britain

Election monitors from many members of the British Commonwealth have arrived in the mother country to oversee this month's general election. The scrutineers are aware that it is being held under the most corrupt British government in living memory. It is believed that some of them are hoping to pick up tips from New Labour for their own coming national elections.

KlingonBack to business as usual
Now that the threat to flights from aerial volcanic ash has backed off a little, the dinosaur union for BA's cabin staff is reviving its 'Summer of Strikes' plan. So no one's going' nowhere via BA anytime soon.

KlingonBust for some, boom for others
The wretched state of Britain's roads has created a crisis in the windscreen industry. Road debris is breaking them faster than they can be manufactured!

J. TrappeNot many ways to do it left!
The first Channel crossing by air was achieved in 1785. It has since been done with an early aeroplane (L. Bleriot, 1909), a man-powered aircraft (B. Allen, 1979), a wingsuit (F. Baumgartner, 2003) and a jet pack (Y. Rossy, 2008), and it's been tried with a bicycle-powered blimp (S. Rousson, 2008, unsuccessful).
   Now, Jonathan Trappe has done it in a chair slung under 54 helium balloons. He took 4 hours to drift from Ashford to the vicinity of Dunquerque, and he frustrated the French cops who tried to arrest him by producing a permit to land in France.
 • 225 years ago, the first flight across the Channel took a mere 2½ hours, but J.-P. Blanchard and Dr. J. Jeffries used a proper balloon.

  Don't watch this space

Cash flagsGordon Brown has blown the nation's entire wealth and plunged us deep into debt. So there will be no news in this section until further notice.

KlingonGreece vs The Real World
Greece, a prime example of the Gordon Brown school of financial mismanagement, looks set to hoover up all of the funds in the IMF, then hold out its hand for more. And the people think they can carry on spending like G. Broon in a drunken haze even though their economy is broke; stoney and totally. Welcome to the wonderland of the European Union.

KlingonScam Warming
Some credit card providers, e.g. Lloyds Banking Group, have sneaked in a new rule for next month, under which people can pay off a month's spending without interest charges ONLY IF they paid off the previous month's balance IN FULL before the deadline.

Cash flagsBig bucks in the south-west?
Cornwall is about to experience a gold rush. The price is sky high and an American company has found commercial quantities of gold in a closed tin and copper mine near Cambourne.

Cash flagsThieves' Charter
The fund for propping up the euro will be managed by . . . the European Commission, an outfit which is so slack on fraud that its auditors have refused to approve its accounts for the last 13 years.

Cash flagsHow do you spell 'chicken'? C-A-B-L-E!
Vince of that ilk, self-styled financial wizard, bottled out of a job at the Treasury because he didn't want to become unpopular through having to cut Gordon Brown's reckless spending to a semi-affordable level.

Cash flagsBrown Legacy
In the last month of the last government, the Retail Prices Index hit 5.4% – the highest its has been since 1991. Worse, Labour ministers blew HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS on pet projects, against the advice of their civil servants, in a final act of spite against the country which looked set to reject them.

squareHow come an ipod costs a fortune when the workers who make them are paid just 30p/hour?

The EU, better OUT than INThieves' Kitchen
British MEPs are blowing nearly £1 million per year on "fact finding" junkets to far-flung places. The biggest scrounger (no surprise there) is Glenys Kinnock. Carbon footprints clearly count for nothing where there is taxpayers' cash to be abused.

Cash flagsAnother Labour Legacy
Whitehall departments, local councils, police forces and fire brigades – over 200 of them – have had their logo redone in the last 5 years, which works out at a waste of around £4 million of taxpayers' money.


Questions in need of answers

1. Is there anything illegal about being a "Crossbow Cannibal"?
2. Is there much nourishment to be had from a crossbow?

    You couldn't make it up!

Cash flagsMinisters in the new Coalition Government can't use a chauffeur-driven car to go home to their constituency. They have to travel second-class on a train like the peasants. But, for security reasons, their red boxes of documents have to travel by official car. But, because of the new rules, the minister isn't allowed to ride along in the car. Don't expect this to make an sense because it's politics and nothing to do with the real world. Rather like David Cameron cycling to work at the House of Common Criminals under the Brown Regime, pretending he was saving the planet while an official car tagged along behind him carrying his official documents.

Cash flagsBlair Legacy
New Labour blew £257,000,000 on issuing 15,000 ID cards. Anyone who spent 30 quid on one [in addition to a contribution of 20 grand from the nation's taxpayers] won't be getting their money back on the grounds that they were told at the time of purchase that they could end up with just an expensive souvenir of New Labour's IT incompetence.

  Safe for passengers or profit?

climate change sloganThe airlines have ended up in an ass-kicking contest with the Civil Aviation Authority over when it is safe to fly with volcanic ash in the air. With profits plummeting, the airlines seem to be getting the safe limit raised on a daily basis, armed with more blunders by the Met Office, that hotbed of Global Warming Swindlers.
   The big problem is that the Met Office is using the computer that predicted a barbeque summer last year followed by a mild winter instead of actually measuring the amount and type of ash in the air. That sort of trick might work on gullible politicians, but airlines, whose taxes pay the wages of the GWS, are not as easy to fool.

climate change sloganClimate Change no longer matters!
The United Nations has come up with a better scam than the Great Global Warming Swindle – protecting biodiversity. A survey of the benefits of refocussing the UN's propaganda machine on preventing human activity on a wider scale has found that:
 •  Practically anything can be taxed in the name of protecting biodiversity;
 • Companies which fail to contribute enough cash to the UN's coffers can be driven out of business via hate campaigns and subsidies to more compliant rivals;
 • Ditto ungenerous governments; and
 • The UN will be able to maintain financial control of a greater number of client states (and their voting powers) by making them dependent on payments which their government can pretend will be spent on conservation.

climate change sloganA passing fancy
Global warming has dropped out of the "Top 10 Things To Worry About", according to a recent survey. Global Warming Swindlers, who see their incomes declining, blame it on the recent bad winter and the many data-rigging scandals, which have exposed the real motives (dosh & personal prestige) of the members of the man-made global warming lobby.

climate change sloganChannel 4 is just another tool of the Global Warming Swindlers
On election night, Channel 4 tried to scare the pants off the nation with a tale of Arctic ice vanishing and oceans turning into cauldrons of acid. The programme ignored the facts that the oceans are on the alkaline side of neutral (and will stay that way for millions of years) and the Arctic ice returns after the summer melt. Why? Because it was sponsored by an insurance company, which hopes to make squillions out of selling global warming insurance.


Security at the MoMA, Paris, is so excellent . . .

modern art. . . that a 'burly man in a mask' broke a window to gain entry, watched by CCTV, slashed 5 paintings out of their frames and strolled off with around £450 million in a readily portable form.
   Apparently, the alarm system had been broken since March, the external CCTV didn't work and the 'security' staff weren't watching their CCTV monitors, they were enjoying 40 winks. So the thief got a 3-hour head start before anyone noticed that the museum had been done over.
   A spokesman for the General Society of Museum Attendants said, "It is nert the job of our low-paid security operatives to engage in crime-fighting to protect state property."


Attention all users of British currency. The Nine Bob Note, commonly known as "The Gordon":

The Gordon

has been withdrawn from circulation and replaced by the Coalition Quid:

The Coalition Quid

NOTE: The Bonk of England will NOT redeem any Gordons still in circulation, so anyone still in possession of these banknotes will just have to live with another Labour bad debt.


Some choice!

The wimmin in the Labour party seem to have chickened out of trying for the leadership now that the brown bunion is no longer there. The same is almost true of the blokes. As a result, the leadership 'contest' has come down to Milipede versus Milipede, leaving those with a vote the problem of telling them apart. An expert offered BFN the following guidance: " One is an enviro-bozo, who thinks windmills are a sensible alternative to proper power stations and the other is just a bozo who waves banana around."


The most corrupt, treacherous, self-serving, wasteful, inept, and downright dishonest government in British history, age 13

[But only after G. Broon is evicted from 10 Downing Street and hurled into the dustbin of history.] Its members stole from the taxpayer with a staggering sense of entitlement. New Labour corrupted the civil service, squandered the nation's reserves and resources, and destroyed a thriving system of private pensions and savings. Its legacy is a staggering Brown Hole of debt and its hallmark is a culture of rewards for failure. It will not be missed.


One of the worst prime ministers in British history

Brown's best sideHe ranks alongside Lord North, Harold Wilson and Tony Blair in the dustbin of history. His unfitness for public office was exceeded only by his sense of entitlement to hold the top job in British politics. He trashed the British economy as Chancellor and sulked his way into the prime minister's job when Tony Blair abandoned it to cash in the favours done during his period of office.
   When he showed no sign of doing the decent thing after being rejected by the electorate, HM the Queen took it upon herself to summon him to Buckingham Palace to give him his cards. His departure lifts a big, black cloud over Britain's future.
   His legacy is a bankrupt country and British politics up to its armpits in sleaze and corruption, which became so bad that one-third of the members of the House of Common Criminals were sacked at or before this month's general election.


Frank Frazetta, artist extraordinary, 82

The man who created heroic fantasy visions of the heroes of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard had the good sense to keep control of most of his work. Original paintings, including super-butch images of Tarzan, Conan the Barbarian and Burroughs' heroes of adventures on Mars and Venus, are on show at the museum in the grounds of the family estate in Pennsylvania. Mr. Frazetta began his career in comic strips, drawing for many types, and became a book cover artist for crime, horror and science fiction titles. He was recruited to design epic film posters when the moguls of Hollywood noticed his work in Mad magazine. A brief excursion into the world of animated films didn't work out but his paintings were commissioned for a new field; the covers of LPs & CDs by the likes of Nazareth and Molly Hatchet.


Ronnie James Dio, vocalist, 67

Dio had a talent for not being just one of the guys. He achieved success as a member of Rainbow but left over musical differences with Ritchie Blackmore. He fronted Black Sabbath after Ozzy for a highly successful period before leaving to form his own band following volume differences over the loudness of his vocals. As the front man of Dio, he was in charge and he remained the boss through 10 albums and twenty-odd years. He stayed in touch with Sabbaf, though, and his final tour was made as a member of Heaven & Hell, a Sabbaf clone also starring Tony Iommi, Terry Butler and Vinny Appice.


The Home Invasion Pack, 3

The HIP was a rip-off pricewise, no one took any notice of their contents, it was cheaper to pay the fine for not having one than to buy a HIP and their main reason for existence was to help New Labour put up Council Tax. Home owners wasted £1 billion on them before the Coalition abolished them this month. Only the thousands of people who trained to issue them are sorry to see them go.


Ray Alan, 79

The voice of Lord Charles, the tipsy, noble ventriloquist's doll, has been stilled. Ray Alan was rated the country's top performer in the field for keeping his mouth still while the doll was 'talking', and his career in show biz lasted around 65 years, from call boy at the Lewisham Hippodrome Theatre through stage and TV work to cruise ship entertainment and corporate events into the early part of this year. Mr. Alan branched out into writing during his final decade, and his third crime novel was published in February.


Martin Gardner, 95

An expert on the work of Lewis Carroll, Mr. Gardner was a journalist with a talent for making mathematics interesting and accessible to a mass audience. He wrote a regular Mathematical Games column for Scientific American and joined a group of like-minded other (including Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov) to debunk bogus psychics. He wrote over 70 books, puzzles books as well as fiction, poetry and works of literary and film criticism, and he resisted the lure of the personal computer.


Professor Richard Gregory, 86

He was an experimental psychologist, whose main area of work was understanding visual perception and illusion. He explained how the eye and brain work together using a blend of incoming data and previous experience, and explored how the brain can be confounded by ambiguous objects and fooled into accepting reality in drawings of 'impossible objects'. Like Martin Gardener, he could add a sense of fun to his work. He was a founding member of the Experimental Psychology Society and elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1992.


Dennis Hopper, 74

He was a man who enjoyed life to the limits of rehab repair. He had an unfortunate collision with reality in his first film, the James Dean vehicle Rebel Without A Cause (1955), but 14 years later, he made a huge impact with Easy Rider, which he co-wrote and directed when not acting with Peter Fonda & Jack Nicholson. His career then plunged into decline and rose again, but never to the same heights. In addition to a lot of partying, Mr. Hopper also managed to fit photography, painting, sculpture and 5 wives into his schedule, and it's a wonder he lasted so long.

Crime News
That's the way to do it!

Russian Special Forces have given a lead to our own lily-livered navy by taking back by force, an oil tanker seized by Somali pirates. The tanker Moscow University was liberated off Yemen and the 10 surviving pirates face a free trip to Siberia.
 • Under New Labour's policy of 'uman rights for all criminals, the Royal Navy is obliged to provide food, water, fuel, clothing and ammunition to all foreign pirates before sending them on their way.

Association of Cheap Police OfficersKlingonNo longer safe from crime!
The Association of Cheap Police Officers is having to hire private security firms to guard police stations, headquarters buildings and official storage facilities as coppers are no longer up to the job after 13 years of Labour misrule.

KlingonReally tough on crime!
In a bid to confound those trouble-makers who have noticed that they're really, really soft on crime, Tired New Labour plan to drop the age of criminal responsibility to 6 months. Their justification is that a study at Yale University has found that babies of that age are excellent at telling good from evil.

KlingonGoogle admits spying on UK for 3 years
The camera cars photographing streets for Google Maps have also been recording data being transmitted over unsecured wireless networks. Google has promised to delete the data 'after it has clearance from government authorities'; which raises a number of questions:
 • Why was Google collecting the data in the first place?
 • Why can't Google just delete the illegally held data without consulting the government? and
 • What has the Labour government been doing with the illegally acquired data supplied by Google?

Association of Cheap Police OfficersKlingonPolicing For Pennies
The Association of Cheap Police Officers has announced that by 2012, it will have met its target of employing more civilian staff than proper police officers in each one of the country's 44 police forces.
 • If the cheap policing plan introduced under the discarded Brown Regime is allowed to reach completion, all proper police officers below the rank of superintendent will be phased out by the end of 2015.

KlingonBury the bozos, please!
It is to be hoped that the demise of New Labour brings an end to bogus prosecutions, like the one that convicted Mr. P. Chambers of terrorism when he put a joke message on Twitter after being messed about at Doncaster airport. Mr. Chambers is now £1,000 out of pocket in a clear case of the law being an ass and administered by donkeys.

square"Uni Prof in Crossbow Cannibal Probe" – headlines just don't get any better than that!

squareIf a criminologist is arrested for triple murder, that doesn't say much for the quality of his course or his skills as a student.

KlingonIsrael's bid for "Top Pirate" status
The Israeli government is seeking to build on the notoriety obtained from the revelation that it tried to sell nuclear weapons to the apartheid regime in South Africa. An armed assault, in international waters, on a convoy of ships to Gaza left 19 dead on the relief ships and Israel holding the survivors and 6 ships to ransom at its pirate base at Ashdod.
 • Israel is believed to have consulted both the National Federation of Pirates (Somalia) and the Royal Navy for advice on the best tactics to use when boarding a prey ship and the best excuses to deploy to get away with it under EU 'uman rights legislation.


Hard Work Kills – Official!

X-ray machineA study of civil servants at Whitehall has found that working overtime gives them heart disease and kills them off at an early age – which explains why most of them are idle sods. They never do any work in the hope that it will let them live long enough to enjoy the benefits of an undeserved gold-plated pension.

KlingonSomething else that's really deadly . . .
Processed pork products are lethal, a gang of 'experts' at Harvard U. would have us believe. Eating 2 slices of bacon or one sausage per day increases the risk of a heart attack by one-half, and will cause bowel and breast cancer, and type-2 diabetes.

BIG election news : Na, na, naa-na, Na, na, naa-na, Hey, hey, hey, Goodbye!

+ + + Police forces all over the country are investigating over 50 cases of suspected election fraud as electoral registers are packed with last-minute additions – mainly non-resident relatives and phantoms + + + Gordon Brown 'is Britain's worst Prime Minister ever', says Labour election candidate Manish Sood, who has been warned that he faces 'sorting out' when the dust settles + + + Polling stations run out of ballot forms and build up long queues in the most shambolic election ever + + + Riot police called out when slowness of polling station staff prevents customers from voting, legal challenges to results to follow + + + SAS to be sent in to blow Brown out of Downing Street? + + + This is the most shambles and fraud-ridden general election ever, international observers say + + +

Home News
UK FlagNo. 1 priority

The first job of the incoming government should be to fire the members of the Boundary Commission and ensure that they never dip their noses into the public trough ever again as a punishment for maintaining a bias to the Labour party in the voting system for decades.

KlingonNational Apology Needed
The Brown Apology Group intends to lobby the next Parliament to force Gordon Brown to make a tour of the country on his knees, apologizing for the mess he's made while being scourged by relays of the people he has swindled out of pensions, savings income, a secure future, etc.

KlingonElection shambles sorted
The Electoral Commission has investigated the shambles at polling stations in Labour areas of major cities, which involved not enough staff to let all the people who wanted to into the polling stations to vote, not enough ballot papers, and even the wrong ballot papers sent to polling stations and people called back to vote again when the right papers were delivered. The Commission has decided that mistakes were made but No One Is To Blame.

KlingonDozy, or what!
The staff at some polling stations were handing out the wrong voting papers, and they had to recall people who voted with the wrong form. Which doesn't say much for the people who were called back if they didn't notice that the names on the ballot papers were nothing like the names on the election leaflets delivered to their homes. This fiasco tops hanging chads in Florida any day of the week!

KlingonDozy, or what! Part II
The lights will be out in Britain when it's time for another general election. This is the inevitable consequence of making Chris "Windmills" Huhne the Energy Secretary. He's as clueless as Cameron & Clegg when it comes to supplying the nation with reliable power sources.

  Negotiations are on-going

Brown's best side
Gordon Brown
from his best side
+ + + Brown offers Libs a big poke of sweeties if they'll let him pretend to be prime monster for another 6 months + + + Vote Clegg, get Mandelsleaze & Campbell with Brown as a puppet prime monster + + + Cameron in win-win situation: either boss of a coalition with the Liberals on his terms or the man with the power if the Liberals form a sleazy Losers' Coalition with Labour + + + Clegg's party ready to blackmail him into supporting Labour out of hatred for Tories? + + + Brown plans to sell out English taxpayers to buy votes from Scottish & Welsh nationalists + + + In an unexpected show of decency, Labour Cabinet ministers reject the Mandelsleaze/Campbell stitch-up, ensuring Brown's sacking + + + D. Cameron appointed Britain's Head Boy, N. Clegg becomes his fag + + + Balls & E. Milipede sabotaged Lab-Lib coalition talks for selfish personal ambition reasons (in the best Brownian tradition) + + +

KlingonElectoral Commission next in firing line?
This quango was set up by Tony Blair to legitimize Labour's plan to hand out postal votes on demand and allow names to be added to the electoral register with no checks made on whether the applicant is entitled to vote in the constituency – or even exists. Its purpose was to help Labour gain votes from illegal immigrants, who were expected to feel grateful to the blessed Tony for being allowed to sponge off the British taxpayers.
   The quango's major achievement was to facilitate election fraud, create the sort of shambles which deprived legitimate voters of their rights in this month's general election (not enough staff or ballot papers, postal votes lost, etc.) and create a voting system which is less secure than those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. And now, it's supposed to be in line for the chop, but like that's going to happen in the present quango culture!

KlingonBrown to go, BUT . . .
. . . only after he's cobbled together a coalition of losers and stayed on as a figurehead prime monster until the next election to maximize his pension.
updateBrown quits when someone tells him he won't improve his pension by humiliating himself for another 6 months.

Romiley News
  Indian scammers continue to target Romiley

Having done computers, the scammers are passing themselves off as the Telephone Protection Service, a knock-off of the legitimate Telephone Preference Service. The real TPS allows people to opt out of nuisance sales and marketing calls, and the service is free. The Indian scammers want 'a one-time payment of £19.99', and they are more than willing to take the victim's credit card details. As always, a 1471 after the call reveals that the caller did not leave a number; a sure sign of illegitimacy.

space news
Gordon Brown kidnapped by aliens?

alienThere has been no sign of Britain's worst ever prime minister since his rejection by the British people. Some commentators believe that he has just run away to hide for a while, but others see something more sinister in his disappearance. Could it be that, rather than an alliance with the Trivial Democrats, Mr. Broon is seeking much more powerful support for a minority regime?
updatePanic over! A group of Iraq war protesters found the soon-to-be-former Labour leader dumped in Parliament Square with a note round his neck explaining that the abducting aliens had found him far too depressing to be an ally.
   When they eventually invade the Earth, they will do so without help from the dismal natives. Meanwhile, the Brown reject has barricaded himself in the cellar of 10 Downing Street and he's not coming out.


www.Crooks In

New on the World Wide Web – This brilliant resource which exposes Nigerian-type 419 scams, bogus lotteries & job offers, phishing attempts and much, much more!
CLICK HERE to find out what email miracles are on offer.

It's the way he tells them!

Snooker's No. 1 player, and the just deposed world champ, has been stitched up like the proverbial kipper by a Sunday 'newspaper' of the dirty vicar persuasion. The paper claims that John Higgins agreed to take a big wedge of cash in return for dropping frames to the benefit of a betting syndicate. He claims he went along with the scam because he was in fear and trembling for his life because he thought he was dealing with Russian gangsters. Which is a bloody good story, when you think about it.

KlingonBad things happen to bad people
The North Korean football team is in the World Cup for the first time since 1966 (when England won, don't let us forget) but the oppressed citizens of Kim-land won't be able to watch their team play for free, courtesy of the South Korean taxpayer, as punishment for the sinking of a South Korean warship in March.

KlingonCup Final drops below radar
Many people who don't normally watch football, but who always watch the Cup Final as a sort of ritual, broke the tradition this month. Why? Because they didn't know when the match was due to be played so they didn't watch it. TV companies reported that their usual Saturday afternoon audience was down by several millions and the Football Association is left with egg on its face. The failure to create national awareness of the event is being blamed on the saturation coverage given to the election, which deflected the national attention too much from the FA's flagship event.

KlingonArizona says, "Up yours, L.A.!"
The State of Arizona has come up with an apt answer to a boycott by L.A. over Arizona's tough new laws against illegal aliens. If L.A. wants a trade boycott, then Arizona is prepared to cut off power exports to California and leave the citizens of L.A. feeling righteous in the dark.

KlingonThe price of progress
Chinese factories where iphones and other i-gadgets are made have had to erect suicide nets to catch jumpers. The underpaid and overworked staff have been resigning in dramatic fashion from their workers' paradise.
 • The families of those who take permanent early retirement have been offered £40,000 as hush money – more than the deceased could have hoped to learn in a lifetime but less than a British MP can swindle from the taxpayer in 3-4 years with false expenses claimed.

world news
Thank Ghod for the British

The Swiss-owned oil drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, which is gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico at a phenomenal rate, is leased by BP. One likely cause of the leak is a failure of a sea-bed cementing operation by Haliburton, one of America's biggest defence contractors, on top of a failure of the blow-out prevention equipment, which didn't have a remotely controlled shut-off mechanism. Why? Because the United States, unlike most other off-shore oil producers, doesn't require one. But hey, ignore the Swiss equipment not working, an American company not doing a proper job and the US government failing to pass effective safety legislation. There's a British bad guy for Pres. O'Bummer to blame.

EU, better out than inWhat use are they anyway?
The geniuses in charge of the European Union claim to have the answer to everything, which is their excuse for taking BILLIONS and BILLIONS of pounds off us in tax every year. So what, exactly, are they doing about the Icelandic volcano which is disrupting air travel? Apart from absolutely bloody nothing.

Klingon"Let there be life!"
The geneticist Dr. C. Venter has found a way to create bacteria with made-to-order genes. Lots of good things can come from the development; and a fair few bad ones. The usual suspects, naturally, are concentrating on the bad outcomes and accusing Dr. Venter of playing God. But they keep failing to mention which God them mean – the decent, caring God, who seems to have taken early retirement just after the Big Bang, or His evil twin, who is encouraging mass murder everywhere.

KlingonSome people are still doing okay
Anyone worried about the Mandelsleaze can take a break. He's currently living it up abroad at the expense of rich pals and looking to do a Tony Blair and cash in some of the favours done in office.
 • T. Blair has a new job. He will be paid $1 million/year for advice on how to make money out of global warming swindles.

This Month's Garbage

The Garbage Everyone flying the New Labour flag, including the Brown Broadcasting Corporation.

The licensing committee of Cornwall council, which plans to hold a 'fact finding' trip to a lap-dancing club for 12 of its members at the ratepayers' expense.

Pollen Tonybee and her regressive alliance of losers.

McLaren, for not having a pre-flight checklist for plugs and covers and handing Jenson Button nul points for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Facebook for making members' private data available to a Google search.

W. Hutton, Labour luvvie and apologist, who has taken the Cameron Shilling as his "Fair Pay Tsar".

The Mandelsleaze's account of his dealings with the Russian aluminium tycoon Gospodin Deripaska when he was the EU's trade commissioner, and the amount of hospitality received with, and without, the benefit of a visa to visit the Russian Federation.

President O'Bummer's policy of tilting at the BP windmill while ignoring the failure to regulate of the US government, everything involving the US firm Haliburton and the fact that the oil rig which BP chartered is Swiss owned and operated.

Peerages for the hypocritical Two Jags Prescott and Sir I. Blair, failed commissioner of the Met.

Two Jags Prescott's claim that his only reason for grabbing a peerage is that it will save the planet.

The bin is still ready & Mandelson

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