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SO WHERE IS IT? BFN's employees, their relatives and everyone we know (and a lot of people we don't know) are still waiting for our share of the $1M Nobel prize awarded to the people of the European Union rather than its eurocrats, who are bound to steal it.


Going from revised figures . . .
We didn't have a double-dip recession last year under the Coalition after all — Hooray!
What we did have, though, was a stonkingly bigger recession in 2008/09 than anyone imagined.
Who was in charge then?
New Labour and . . .
The Balls Monster! The guy who reckons he has all the answers to Britain's financial problems even though he caused them.
Sieg Flat! Sieg Flat!

Useless and proud of it
It is common knowledge that his boss, Wee Gordie Broon, wrecked LloydsTSB by getting the then management to take over the toxic Halifax-Bank of Scotland in the hope of saving Labour votes in Scotland. The result was the collapse of both banks and a bail-out from the taxpayer, which made Labour's financial mess infinitely worse.
   Cut to the present day and it's the Co-op Bank which is collapsing and trying to swindle its bond-holders out of one-third of their investment. And it comes as no surprise that the Balls Monster took great pride in greasing the wheels for the Co-op Bank to take over the toxic Britannia building society, which was as bankrupt as HBoS with bad debts wished on it my useless management. Further confirmation that no one's money is safe with Labour in charge.

The EU, better out than in!Rejoice
The EU has a new member. Okay, you can stop rejoicing now. The bad news is that the new member is Croatia, which is bankrupt, it's been in recession for the last 5 years and just about everyone not part of the State apparatus is out of work.
   Just what we need – another lead weight around the EU's neck and more hands dipping into the pockets of British taxpayers.


The Lights Will Go Out in 2015
(but only after the election)

The last government shut down nuclear power stations and made no attempt to replace them. The current lot, and the EU, are closing down coal and gas power stations, which work 24/7/365¼, and replacing them with windmills, which work only when the wind blows – as long as it isn't blowing too hard.

As a result, British industry will be required to shut down, letting competitors abroad steal our markets. The nation will become poorer – especially those unfortunate enough to be out of the public sector, and things will keep getting worse whoever wins the next election.

This message is provided to let you know why you are likely to find yourself shivering in the dark in the latter half of this decade.


Professor Mick Aston, archaeologist, 66

He leapt into the nation's consciousness as the scientist with wild hair and brightly coloured, striped jumpers on Time Team, providing a perfect foil to actor Tony Robinson's attempts to dash in madly in search of something televisual. He joined the team at the start, and he is credited with suggesting the 3-day format.
   Prof. Aston left in protest at Channel 4's dumbing down of an excellent programme by TV executives with no appreciation for a gem. He worked as a field officer after graduating before working at Oxford and Bristol universities. He then became an honorary professor at Exeter and Durham universities. He was an authority on monastic church archaeology and early medieval archaeology.

Book of the Month #4


A history of the world as seen through the eyes of those who believe that major change requires a catastrophe, and that every historical event has a single cause. The Death of the Dinosaurs, Noah's Flood, Plague & Pestilence, the Rise of Unreason, the Great Global Warming Swindle – Kasimodo Epiqure digs for real facts among the delusion.

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Management by "Three Wise Monkeys"
The current head of the NHS, Sir D. Nicholson, presided over 1,200 unnecessary deaths at Stafford hospital before getting his job. In April, he told the Commons public finances committee that he was aware of only one bribe paid to silence a potential whistle-blower, thus demonstrating that he had managed to remain ignorant of over 50 other cases of Secret Severance Payments, which cost the taxpayer £2 million, and 598 cases of Special Severance Payments made between 2008 and 2011 at a cost to the taxpayer of £14.7million.
His new deputy, Dame B. Hakin, stands accused of helping to pay £500,000 to buy the silence of a hospital chief executive, who was sacked because he dared to protest that targets were threatening lives, and quashing a review of high death rates in Lincolnshire. She faces a General Medical Council inquiry into her conduct.

Primed and ready to blow
Anyone who wants to engineer a strike of GPs has only to threaten to oblige them to work evenings, nights and weekends again. "Not even for double the pay" is the line being taken by two-thirds of them.

A miracle of Nature?
According to the "information" on the box of a Kraft foods chocolate orange, 3 of the segments provide 137 kilocalories of energy. According to the "Guideline Daily Amounts" column right next to this fantastic revelation, an adult requires 2 kilocalories of food energy per day. So those 3 segments of chocolate orange will keep an adult human being going for over 2 months! And a whole chocolate orange will keep the same adult going for 15 months!!
   Have the Trade Descriptions Act and the Advertising Standards Authority been abolished, then?

Smoke & Mirrors
The usual suspects turned purple over the Chancellor's spending review, which brought an almost invisible reduction to public expenditure. But they ignored the fact that when an area of public sector bloat shrinks a bit, a "protected" area of bloat swells even more. In fact, the Coalition will have had no real effect on public expenditure by the end of this Parliament, which will see a cut in public expenditure of 1% at best but a 50% increase in the nation's debt due to government borrowing.

Book of the Month #3

 Dmocracy Dlusion 

Does it really exist? Has there ever been genuine rule for and by the "demos", the people? Or has leadership always been subverted by a political class with a shared and privileged upbringing, which labours mightily only in its own interests?
— N. O. Kinshop offers the facts and some clear,
if distasteful, conclusions.

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It always works
A sting operation by the Telegraph and Panorama has netted Tory MP P. Mercer and 3 Lords (2 Labour, 1 Ulster Unionist) who were available to ask questions for cash. Their embarrassment has triggered a wider examination of the "Groups" which a gang of 20 MPs can form. Many of the 500 Parliamentary Groups are vehicles for freebies and trips to foreign parts. P. Mercer, for instance, set up a Fiji Group, members of which hoped to get a freebie holiday there. And they expect to be paid on top of all this bunce!
Mr. Mercer has shed the Tory whip but the party is hoping he doesn't resign his seat, as it is very likely to be won by UKIP in a by-election.

Do MPs actually do any useful work?
Records for computer access at the Houses of Parliament show that the inmates spend thousands and thousands of hours visiting betting sites and Facebook, and thousands more playing on-line games. Facebook gets 400 times more traffic than the BBC website. [But given the level of factual accuracy of the BBC today, and the degree of political bias, that's not surprising. Ed.]
Some MPs keep visiting their own website to drive up the counter display with bogus traffic.

Archbishop of Bollux – the No. 1 contender?
The Bishop of London (65) reckons that the generation retiring now doesn't deserve welfare benefits (despite having overpaid for them) because they were "lucky" enough to have enjoyed huge improvements during their lives. Which is hardly surprising, given that they were born into a Britain which was bankrupt and bombed to bits after World War II (think Gordon Brown on steroids for the financial ruination). So they were lucky to rise from austerity, some without parents who had been killed in the war, only to be plunged back into it by New Labour's reckless spending campaign. His Bishopness reckons people that lucky don't deserve any return on their investment of National Insurance and taxes – and he isn't bothered about benefits anyway because he has a job.
His Bishopness also plugs the EU fiction that World War I was a European civil war.

Torpedoed . . .
Eddie Baby Milibandit, seeking to make post-New Labour look electable, promised that he would be "ruthless" in controlling government spending if the nation is ever daft enough to make him prime monster. Only a day later, the Balls Monster shot him down in flames by confirming that Labour will remain the party of enormous borrowing and wasteful spending.

Book of the Month #1

 It is better to Win In 
 than to Lose Out 

 What have they done to the 
 English language? - Part 3 

New from Abramo Lincolni

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Don't mention it!
The government would like us to celebrate the start of World War I (next year) without being too patriotic and especially without upsetting the Germans by doing anything to remind them that they started it and they didn't win it.

Poll views
A MORI poll has found that 80% of voters don't trust MPs and think they are in politics only to line their own pockets with expenses swindles, and 72% of voters don't trust MPs to tell the truth. A mere 8% think MPs put the interests of their own constituents first and that goes down to 6% when it comes to standing up for Britain's interests.
In a separate poll, 99.8% of respondents were not surprised that public cynicism over politics is so deeply ingrained, and 97% were surprised that the British public isn't more cynical about MPs.

How real is the Plebgate Inquiry?
It is now 9 months since A. Mitchell lost his temper with obstructive coppers at the Downing Street gate – and lost his job as Tory chief whip as a result of what looks exceedingly like a political conspiracy by members of the police "service".
   In view of the fact that less than a handful of people were on the spot at the time, we feel entitled to ask just how much inquiring is going on? And is the "inquiry" more than just a "10 minutes per week", part-time venture rather than a proper investigation? [The hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on it suggests very lucrative public sector make-work. Ed.] Because everyone concerned will be dead and buried before any conclusion is reached by the "investigators" at the present rate of progress.
A. Mitchell is currently having senior officers of the Met investigated to find out if he could bring a libel action against them over leaks made in private briefings to journalists.
A spokesmouth for the Metropolitan Police said there had been no compromise to any investigation.

Book of the Month #2

 Quantum Entanglement 
 Interpreted According to 
 Daoist Principles 

 a new approach to a classic problem 
by Bertoli Zweistein

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Will it be YOUR lights, TV and internet that go out?
Britain currently consumes 378 terawatt-hours of electricity per year. But the government has sneaked an "Energy Demand Reduction" clause into the Energy Bill (2013) to enforce a cut of 103 tWh by 2020 and a cut of 154 tWh by 2030. That's a cut in the amount of energy available to the country of 27% by 2020 and 41% by 2030. So who is going to be cut off? Who is going to be told that they are not allowed to have electricity?
   One thing you can be sure of is that nobody at the Houses of Parliament, or anywhere else in the public sector, will lose their access to an electricity supply. So that's the entire nation's 40% cut dumped on domestic and private-sector industrial customers by 2030.
   How bloody cheerful is that?

Romiley News

Well, that explains a lot

The boss of Sainsbury's, J. King, has been awarded a 23% pay rise. Which tells us why the customers of his Local in Romiley are suddenly paying 10p more for a loaf, 10p more for a box of cornflakes and the big pork pies have gone up by 50p. Not to mention all the other stuff which sneaked up in price.

Just so you know . . .

For the benefit of the parliamentary gossip column of the Daily Disaster, our local MP is Sir A. Stunell, not a Mr. Stunnel.

travel news

If you want to know where all the coppers have gone . . .
. . . they're on motorways hoping to extract cash from people driving in the middle lane. It's the latest attempt by the government to hide a stealth tax under the cloak of road safety.
Lord Patten is in line for a spot fine of £100 for being asleep at the wheel during the £100 MILLION Digital Media Initiative fiasco at the BBC.
Thanks to New Labour's open door for undesirables, one-quarter of those arrested in the London area for serious crimes and gang-related offences are foreigners.

One target is met
The rain infrastructure company Network Rail has missed all but one of its targets. Not surprisingly, every target for punctuality was missed but they did manage to hit the one for paying out £350,000 in bonuses to the directors.


The EU, better out than in!C'mon, Dave, show some backbone!
The incoming head of the European Court of 'Uman bluddy Rights thinks that Britain will be chucked out of the EU if we don't accept the weird rulings from the court's bunch of job-creation judges with no relevant experience. Well, that will certainly save a whole lot of messing about and all the talk about pretend negotiations and a referendum.

The EU, better out than in!Massive Maladministration
Successive British governments have let the EU hand over £500 MILLION – £70 MILLION of it from British taxpayers – to corrupt government officials in Egypt. The money was supposed to have been spent on promoting democracy in Egypt but, of course, the EU made no attempt to check whether the cash was being spent properly rather than just whizzing into the bank accounts of Egyptian thieves.


GW sloganMore censorship on the way
E. Davey, currently posturing as the Energy Minister, would like a ban on newspapers being allowed to print material which contradicts the position of supporters of the Great Global Warming Swindle, such as himself. The Trivial Democrat's comments appear to be a crude attempt to influence a vote on a new legal targets aimed at cutting carbon emissions from Britain's power plants and driving electricity prices even higher. He is also seeking to prevent the use of shale gas for power generation and deny the British people the benefit of a resource which has halved gas prices in the United States. Something to remember next time he comes up for re-election!
Davey is seeking to cripple British industry with insane energy prices by banning carbon dioxide production from power generation at a time when China & India have stopped pretending to take any notice of the Warmists' alarmism, and they are throwing up coal-fired power stations as fast as they can.

GW sloganCarbon dioxide is our friend!
A study by scientists in Australia has found that an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide is producing a greener Earth. Plant life in areas where it is hot and wet is normally maxed out, and shows little change. But in areas where the climate is warm but dry, leaf cover is up and trees are invading grasslands because they benefit more from higher levels of carbon dioxide.

GW sloganCan we afford "job creation" at this cost?
Wind farms employ 12,000 people and receive a subsidy from the taxpayer of £1,200,000,000 per year. Which works out at £100,000 for each of those New Labour non-jobs. And that's just the starting point of this cash-grabbing Brown Hole.

GW sloganThe cause that dare not speak its name
The Met Office (2009 Barbeque Summer, a mild winter forecast for 2010 just before the worst in living memory, a "drier than average" spring and early summer forecast in 2012 but we got one of the wettest summers on record, etc.) is warning us to expect 10 years of wet summers because the jetstream has moved to the south as part of a natural cycle of the Earth's climate.
   Of course, the Met Office would like us to think this is due to man-made global warming, so that the Global Warming Swindlers can continue to plunder the public purse, but they daren't actually come out and mention global warming any more. Instead, we're getting things blamed on a whole range of natural factors.
   And there's a sting in the tail. The Met Office's admission that it hasn't a clue what's going on is coupled with a plea for more taxpayers' cash. That's on top of the £200,000,000 PER YEAR needed to pay for their super-duper computer, which doesn't actually give the poor old taxpayer anything close to value for money.

GW sloganCan we afford "job creation" at this cost? Part 2
The Global Warming Minister, G. Barker, is keen to cover Britain with solar-panel ranches. It doesn't matter that the country can't afford to subsidize them. Or that in the summer, they will generate lots more power than the national demand, especially of wind-farms are producing their heavily subsidized electricity at the same time, and there is a risk that the national distribution grid will become overloaded, damaged and require enormously expensively repairs.
   As a result, solar ranchers will have to be paid to shut down their panels when the sun is shining to brightly. In future, the sun can shine OR the wind can blow, but not both together and not too much.

Crime News

Policing Xtreme!

Coppers in Cornwall felt entitled to use CS spray to break up a fight between combative Moms at an infants' school. Then they had to go back the next day to assure the pupils (a.k.a. students) that the police are not allowed to use the noxious spray on kids if they start fighting.

Less Gravy? That will be the day!
Legal aid laywers are weeping buckets of crocodile tears, when they're not sticking the taxpayer with inflated bills, over the prospect of a small cut in the dosh they claim for doing work on behalf of millionaires, inventive megacriminals and vexatious migrants. So expect lots and lots of sob stories and the government caving in to another vested interest after taking an initial strong stance.

Silence at any cost
The BBC has used £28 MILLION of taxpayers' money to buy the silence of 539 members of staff, who had embarrassing information about bullying, sexual harassment, ageism, sexism and all sorts of other misdemeanours.

Luvvieson: a waste of time, our money and space
During the course of Lord Luvvieson's inquiry into the hacking activities of Her Majesty's Press, he was given sight of a SOCA report, which told him that hacking by the Press is very small beer next to the things the legal trade get up to.
   The Serious & Organized Crime Agency has had evidence of industrial scale criminal hacking for years but, curiously, it has been just sitting on it. Even more curiously, Lord Luvvieson, an officer of the court, also chose to turn a blink eye to criminal activity by members of his own trade instead of kicking up a stink about it.


He's been called the Blogger of the Decade

His intellect is matched only by the size of his luck and the size of his bank balance. And yet he manages to keep his Feet On The Ground with the greatest of ease. Do yourself a favour and find out what Xavier has had to say about what's going on Right Now!


Balls Monster's sanity "giving cause for concern"
Our shadow of a Chancellor would have us believe that black is white, up is down and the last thing the late, unlamented New Labour government did was run up too much debt.
   Worse, if the Tories manage to fix the economy and he's ever put in charge of the nation's finances by some deluded future Labour prime monster, he will embark on a reckless spending spree which will make Wee Gordie Broon look prudent.
   "Sieg Flat, Mr. Squeaker."
   Something else dastardly, which the Balls Monster has revealed that he would perpetrate in office, is cutting the state pension as part of his strategy for reducing the welfare bill.

Low value work, high value pay
The "earnings" [a.k.a. money for old rope] have been revealed for that lady lawyer on the Luvvieson inquiry – the one who admitted planning an affair with one of the other side but not exchanging contracts until the inquiry had finished. Lord Luvvieson would have us believe that her work had no impact on his conclusions. So that was £218,000 for a spot of proof reading and sorting papers into the right page order. No wonder the country's broke.

It's true, I tell you, it's true!
Some people have always sniggered at the mention of Her Majesty's Press, but the smile has been wiped off their face by the News of the Screws hacking trial. Several defendants have been charged with misconduct in public office – proving beyond a shadow of doubt that newspaper staff are, indeed, members of HMP and the Establishment and as much public servants as MPs, the police and the Can't Prosecute Service.


Balls Brand Magic Mushers

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  • Eager to retreat to a world where everything you want to believe is sparkling and true and everyone believes everything you say?
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Home News
UK Flag

Someone who doesn't expect to be put into office?
If he ever gets into 11 Downing Street, the Balls Monster will cut winter fuel allowances (and which other benefits?) to fuel a new round of Labour tax & waste. Which will make him very popular indeed with the electorate.
Update The Monster wants to scrap free TV licences for wealthy pensioners, even though it will cost the taxpayer more to do it than the measure will save, which is very New Labour. Cold weather payments are also in the firing line.

Gag Reflex
One MP and 3 peers entrapped by a lobbying sting run by the Telegraph and Panorama. More embarrassment for the political establishment. And yet another exposure of the real reason why MPs want the power to decide what the meeja can, and can't, print.

Someone done summat, but what?
A shock-horror sex scandal for the Tories to start the month, but the shutters are firmly down on it. So we can't be allowed to know who had an affair with whom, how long it lasted and whether they were the same or different sexes. But we are assured that when the news gets out, it will blow the Tories' political agenda right out of the water. Assuming everyone hasn't lost interest in the meantime. Which, no doubt, is the intent of all the vague shock-horror stuff.

Something else to cheer you up
Austerity to drag on until at least 2020, taxes up by £9 BILLION after the next election . . . that's what the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Institute for Government can see in their crystal ball.

Great British Landmarks No. 43: The Leaning Inverted Pyramid of Piffle of London.


Did you know you can do a Google search without being spied on
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Did you know you can do excellent Interweb searches without being spied on by Google? Visit for details

world news

You kind of knew something like this would happen
Billions of pounds of aid intended for victims of the tsunami which devastated parts of Japan in 2011 have been syphoned away for better causes. Counting turtles, promoting wine and cheese events, and similar activities were all deemed to have a higher social value than repairing housing and infrastructure.

You kind of knew something like this would happen II
The death toll from last month's tornadoes included Tim Samaras, who will be known to fans of last year's run of the Discovery Channel's series Storm Chasers. The leader of the Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in Tornadoes Experiment (TWISTEX) crew, his son Paul and the team's meteorologist Carl Young all perished in a storm 11 days after an F5 twister flattened Moore, Oklahoma.

The village of Dull in Perthshire is currently twinned with Boring, Oregon, and there are plans afoot to extend this dodgy franchise to Bland Shire in New South Wales.

You kind of knew something like this would happen III
Tony B. Liar has felt a need to deny he's responsible for the divorce between meeja mogul R. Murdoch and his current wife. Mr. Liar has a long history of lying and bending the truth completely out of shape. Draw your own conclusion.


www.Crooks In

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Far Queue List

Far Queue symbol Cash for Lobbying Parliamentarians and all those in Government who let them do it.

Far Queue symbol Ed Davey and all the other Global Warming Swindlers.

Far Queue symbol Lord Jack "the Grabber" Cunningham.

Far Queue symbol Lord Patten, the BBC's boss, who was told a year ago that the plan to digitize everything on tape was doomed to failure, but who let the Beeb hurl more cash at it until the shambles was abandoned last month.

Far Queue symbol James Caan (no, not the actor), the government's social mobility tsar, sez parents shouldn't help their offspring by giving them a job. He has 2 daughters, both of them working for him. Big Society, or what!

Far Queue symbol Dyfed-Powys Police and the Can't Prosecute Service wasted £100,000 of taxpayers' money and a hell of a lot of police and court time on a failed attempt to prosecute a man – who brought a drug dealer to the police – for assault and kidnapping.

Far Queue symbol Bradford council, which took 3 MONTHS to get a French parking ticket machine switched from euros to sterling coins, and gave out penalty notices to customers who were unable to put money into the machine. [Where's the Fraud Squad when you need them? Ed.]

Far Queue symbol TUI Travel, German owner of Thompson and First Choice, which charges couples a premium if they want to sit together on an airliner.

Far Queue symbol The BBC, Britain's haven for Islamists and their treasonable poisonous propaganda.

Far Queue symbol The NHS Care Quality Commission, which does sloppy "investigations" and turns a blind eye to malpractice and deaths resulting from it, buries adverse reports, which would tarnish the CQC's reputation, and removes the names of the guilty from any surviving reports to protect them.

Far Queue symbol The business minister, N. Hancock (Cons.) is taking two months off for paternity leave – on full pay, natch. Which suggests that whatever he does can't be all that important if he can drop it for that length of time.

Far Queue symbol D. Prior, current head of the CQC, who refused to name the 3 women responsible for the Morecambe Bay Trust cover-up (C. Bower, J. Finney and press officer A. Anderson) on spurious data protection grounds.

Far Queue symbol Lord Luvvieson, who can't make up his mind on the importance of the assistant who had the affair (allegedly) with a member of the other side, and who's too grand to explain himself to MPs despite collecting a fair wedge out of the public purse for his mockery of an inquiry into ways to gag the Press.

Far Queue symbol The Labour MP who accused the Treasury minister, D. Laws, of behaving like "the class swot" when he flourished the note from ousted Labour Treasury minister L. Byrne, in which he told the incoming Tories that there was no money left after Labour's spending spree.

Far Queue symbol A police "service" which is more interested on digging up dirt on victims of crime than hunting down bad guys and getting the goods on them.

Far Queue symbol Doctors who think there's something wrong with Tesco offering customer opportunities in evenings, at weekends and during holidays, and also that doctors are far too grand to offer the same service.

Far Queue symbol "Far queue, far queue very much!" – Frank Zappa.

The Far Queue: the traditional parking place for everything "not wanted on voyage".

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