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WARNING : Attention any British people thinking of celebrating the American Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of the month. Do so and you will be guilty of ‘cultural appropriation' and the Hate Police will be round to rake you in whilst you're still stuffing the turkey.


bullet Recycled bride Meg Markle announced that she would flounce out of the United States if Donald Trump beat her favoured candidate for president: the appalling H. Clinton. It has taken her a while to find a suitable prince, but she's off now. Well, soon.

Stand up to whingers
bullet What we need is a Migrant Tsar, who will go round the holding centres, smacking the back of the head of all inmates who complain that the food is too Western. If they chose to infiltrate the West (unannounced and unwanted for the most part), and if they don't like the food, they should be reminded that they can always sod off back where they came from.

Romiley News

Phew! The first snow of the winter winter
arrived during the night of Nov. 24/25th

first winter snow of 2017We might just survive that much!

Another one gone
bullet Barclays Bank has joined the ranks of dishonourable deserters from Romiley, which include LloydsTSB and the NatWest. The hole in the wall is no longer there after the last weekend of this month and the name signs are gone. We have just a Post Office in Patel's the newsagent and a Fred-Shredded branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland left for financial needs.


Coupe Grey 105 shocker in the nation's capital
bullet The Calgary Stampeders were the favourites to do what they failed to do last year, and take the first prize in the CFL year. But they have been shown to be vulnerable; early in the season and in recent weeks; and teams from the West don't have much of a record in finals in the East. Surprisingly, all that snow in Ottawa didn't have too much effect on the match; the number of slips and slides was no more than in a non-snow match.
   At the end of it, the quarterback of the Toronto Argonauts joined the select band who have started the match and been on the winning side four times. Ricky Ray helped the Edmonton Eskimos to win the Grey Cup early in his career. He's just done it again.

"Someone said there was a football match going on!"

Lines ploughed on the pitch

Not bad visibility on the ground, though

Cue the half-time show

The snow off for a while and the snowploughs were out at half-time

"We Won The Cup!" say the Argos


War on Wibble
bullet What we need to be doing, as a matter of urgency, is devising suitably brutal means of torture for all the HUTAgonians who are advocating turning billions of pounds of British taxpayers' cash over to the fiscal lunatics of the Europeon Commission.
   Maybe the best thing to do would be to get this sort of thing declared a hate crime against the British people with a £5,000 fine for the first offence. That should show the Mandelsleazy Bliaring-Cleggies down a little. Especially if the offender's status as an EU pensioner can be held against them in a court of law.
reader comment“What we need is a PM who will refuse to make firm pledges of cash until we, the British taxpayers, have been told EXACTLY what we are buying. We've had quite enough EU pigs in pokes, thank you very much.”
reader comment“Here's a thought: pay the EU a £40 billion divorce settlement which includes free access to the single market but make it on condition that the EU pays us £60 billion for access to the British market.

It's crool to mock the afflicted
It's crool to mock the afflicted; but lots of fun, too!

Why the Welter of Wibble?
reader comment“You have to wonder about the motives of all those people who are demanding that the British government hands vast amounts of taxpayers' cash to the idiots at the EU with no explanation of what it is for and no guarantees that there will be anything for us (other than the usual abuse and ingratitude) in return.
   “Are they all lefty luvvies, who are doing it because they hate everything British, especially when they aren't running the country? (or their pals) Or is there some more sinister reason behind their treachery?”

Put up or shut up
reader comment“Here's something that will work: when we get the Europeon Commission's final divorce bill, the government should divide it by the total population, adding on a couple of millions to take account of the hidden illegals, and put paying the per capita charge on a voluntary basis. This would give the EU's supporters a chance to put their money where their mouth is.”
reader comment“Further to the comment above, those who choose to pay the ransom (based on either the whole amount demanded by the EC or the excess above £18 billion for a 2-year transition period) should be given the opportunity to make an excess payment on behalf of the won't payers.
   “An online register of who paid and how much will tell everyone which members of the Europeon lobby belong to the ranks of the institutional scroungers, who believe in putting their hand only in someone else's pocket.”
reader comment“Even better, the online register will serve as something concrete, which can be held against a non-payer if the scrounger gets uppity sometime in the future.”

reader comment“What a weird concept it is; the UK being divorced from the EU, which implies that there is one spouse on one side and 27 on the other. No wonder we keep ending up screwed by the Europeons.”

reader comment“The main reason for getting out of the EU is to get away from the nasty sneerocracy which flourishes there. Their Brexit 'negotiator' is out of the same box as Mr. Druncker if he thinks Brexit is responsible for putting EU countries at risk of terrorist attacks. It is more than time for the British government to show a bit of moral fibre by packing up and telling the EU to get someone else for their negotions, preferably someone who doesn't have his head rammed up his own arse.”


 Brainless luvvies
bullet There must be a lot of thick people around if luvvies spreading wibble about animal welfare made such a splash. Even The Independent was accusing MPs of deciding that animals don't feel pain (and had to publish a retraction when someone got their brain in gear).
   Clearly, the mugs around us prefer fake news to the real thing, which sets up a clear case for intelligence tests before people are granted the vote. Especially if Labour succeeds in giving it to 14-year-olds.

The way forward
bullet What we need is some sort of test to find out if a doom-monger has an inner lemming. The global warming fraudsters used to go on about the tipping points, which their fanciful computer models created for global temperatures, and the Bremoaners are banging on about their cliff edge.
   A lemming test, with widely published results, would let everyone know for certain that a self-appointed expert is someone worthy of an audience or just a nutter, who is likely to have an adverse effect on the nation's wellbeing.

2 generations and counting
bullet The NHS was set up in 1948; despite fierce and sustained opposition by the medical profession, we must remember. A year later, the saintly Aneurin Bevan was worrying about how to stop foreigners from coming to Britain to steal items to which they weren't entitled; medicines, wigs, etc.
   70 years on, there is still nothing being done about it.

Moggy gets myth-mania
bullet Would someone mention to Saint Rees-Mogg that no one promised £350 million/week to the NHS if the nation opted for Brexit? The message was always that some of this wasted cash could go to the NHS.
   The concept of £350M/week going to the NHS is just another of those silly myths created by people who just don't get it. Like the one about Enoch Powell making a speech about rivers of blood. He didn't. Being a Classical scholar, he quoted Virgil and the people reporting the speech were too thick to get it.

Traitors are victims? Right
bullet Victimhood is the first refuge of a scoundrel — that what the Tory mutineers, who are betraying their party and their constituents, have proved. Same with the Labour Bremoaners.

Wibble welcome always
bullet Two blokes having a bit of an altercation on the platform of Tube station becomes a shoot-out and a mass stampede in the web postings of the wibble-mongers. But anything to get noticed, right?


bulletThe latest word from the 'experts' is that drinking 3 cups of coffee per day will help you to live forever!

It's enough to make you turn to drink
bullet A Labour git is spreading Xmas misery. She would like everyone not to give Xmas booze to the elderly as she (qualifications?) thinks it's bad for them. And the government's pantomime dame of a Chief Medical Officer reckons that drinking one glass of wine per day will give you cancer. [Does that mean 2 or more is okay? Ed.]

Labour is bad for wealth AND health
bullet 49% of pensioners take at least 5 different drugs every day, some cram down 23 sorts of pills (!) and only 7% are not in the ranks of pill-guzzlers. The reason for the high pill consumption is that the last Labour government (in which the current mayor of Manchester, the Stafford Hospital guy, was Health Sec.) gave GPs bonuses for prescribing lots of drugs.
   This exposed their customers to the risk of dangerous interactions between different types of drugs, which had not been tested together. The customers also face having to take secondary pills to counteract side-effects from their primary pills.
   Hence the slogan: "Enthusiastic Pharmacy Kills"

Budget Views
bullet It's not what's good for the economy; going on a spending spree and pushing back balancing the books until 2031, but maybe it's what's best for the country if it keeps spendthrift Labour out of office.
   Even so, Chancellor Hammond chucking around money the country doesn't have like Gordon Broon's nephew means that while the government continues to spend more than the tax income, the Brown Deficit is going to keep on growing and bloating for a baker's dozen of years — to what? Three Trillion Quid??

British Gas has gone nuts?
bullet British Gas has lost 820,000 customers since it put its prices up in June. But 650,000 of them don't count, according to the company. Only 170,000 jumped ship because of the price rises. The other 650,000 vanished due to 'collective switching', which is a fancy term for a large group of people choosing to go to a new energy provider to get a better deal. Which is exactly what the rest of the former customers did; isn't it?


Celebrations in Zimbabwe?
Far Queue symbol From all accounts, Mugabe finally quitting is like Stalin retiring to his dacha to count his loot and letting Hitler take over. But, no doubt, the new guy, who rejoices in the nickname of The Crocodile, will put on a bit of a show and hold his hand out for international aid to build up his personal bank account. And the mugs in Britain's DfID will fall for it, like they always do.

Aaaah . . . nope!
bullet The boss of VampireSquid-Sachs is demanding that the British people have another Brexit referendum to 'confirm' the result of the first one. To which the only possible response is: KFO. Or: "Who died and made you Boss of the Universe? And remind us, when did we become accountable to you, you revolting, overblown American person?"

Kennedy all over again
bullet Labour MPs and luvvie lefty celebs are up in arms over the official Grenfell Tower death toll, which was released by the Metropolitan Police this month. After excluding fraudulent claims, the total has settled at 71 dead. The Left Looney Lobby had been demanding a death toll in 3 figures; 150 casualties became their working minimum after the initial claims of 400 or more 'missing' people were whittled down by forensic science.
   Records of who was living in the tower block proved to be hopelessly inadequate, due to official inertia and the usual dodginess, and the police and forensic teams had to resort to a study of CCTV and the use of local services, such as fast-food joints, in addition to analysis of physical remains.
   We must now brace ourselves for a flood of propaganda and cover-up stories when the tower block is demolished next spring. The Luvvie Myth Machine will not be denied. The Diane Abbots should now be hanging their heads in shame but everyone knows they never do.

Thanks a bunch, Wee Gordie
Far Queue symbol Gordon Brown's legacy to the nation is the £520 BILLION paid out in interest charges to service the national debt since he started spending more than the national income as a deliberate act of Labour Party Policy in 2001.


bullet "I wasn't pleased to see you and I didn't have a gun in my pocket. It was an old-fashioned phone." Don't try that alibi at an industrial tribunal; it won't wash — official!

We're really quite nice!
bullet The new head of the Metropolitan Police, C. Dick, has launched a PR campaign with instructions to coppers to stop treating journalists as criminals. The campaign's broad aim is to convince the public that the police are their friends – bumbling and terminally politically correct, but friends nonetheless.

You're Fired!
bullet Guy Fawkes has serious competition. In a village in Devon, it was an effigy of a BT won'treach van that ended up on the community bonfire as a protest against BT's failure to provide a broadband service faster than 0.7 megbits/second.

Yes, we do hate you
bullet The EU seems to be determined to export as many criminals as possible to Britain. This is the only conclusion to be drawn from the attempt to blackmail us into accepting as the price for more Brexit talks, an agreement that EU citizens wanting to settle here will NOT be the subject of criminality checks in their country of origin. Instead, migrants will have to self-declare a criminal records. Something which killers, drug dealers and serial burglars are sure to do.
   As this seems to be typical of the bad faith being shown on the Europeon side of the negotions, it will come as no great surprise when the final 'deal' turns out to be a pile of cold (rather than steaming because the EU never does anything in a reasonable amount of time) horse-hockey.
reader comment“It's all very well doing checks on criminal records, but even if someone is found to be a serial-killing paedophile, he/she/it will be sure to find some dotty judge here, who will insist that this person must be allowed into the UK on spurious 'uman bloody rights grounds.”

To be clear, comrades . . .
bullet Vlad, the Putin of all the Russias, would like it to be known that he is mortally offended by the thought that had he meddled in the last US presidential election to spare Americans the horrors of another Clinton presidency, he would have left any evidence with his fingerprints on it.


They're French; of course they don't get it
bullet Why do French people say furque so much, even to the extent of having a weekly TV show called What The Furque France (yes, really)? The answer is simple. They're French. They don't know what the word means but it's foreign and therefore clever to say. And as a nation, the French adore swearing and do it more often than any other nation in the EU. They're addicted to it. And they don't care.

Let's just ignore the real problem
bullet Human life on the planet is at risk from a growing range of environmental disasters, say the Union of Concerned Scientists. But why are there so many disasters all of a sudden?
   One reason is that people with a vested interest are creating disaster lists from events which would not have been considered worthy of note in less snowflake times. Another reason is that too many people are breeding children which they are unable to support; feed, clothe, educate, etc.; and claiming the right to live in areas with insufficient natural resources and/or ones prone to natural disasters such as floods, violent storms and earthquakes.
   Naturally, the world's 'experts' keep ducking the real issue: excessively fast population growth. All they can do is bang on about carbon dioxide; because it can be taxed easily; and global warming. Which ignores the obvious fact that a warmer climate will mean that the excessive human population will need to guzzle less food if they need fewer calories to keep warm.

Enough of these lies
bullet Wind and sun are not renewable energy sources, no matter how often Warmists make this spurious claim. The human race doesn't have to do anything to create more wind after a turbine has turned or more daylight when a photo-voltaic cell has fed juice to a collector.
   Obtaining further energy from these sources is dependent on whether the atmosphere is moving (and how fast) and the direction in which the relevant piece of the Earth's surface is pointing (and whether or not it's cloudy). Thus it is more than high time to strike 'renewable', substitute 'occasional'.

Wrong direction
bullet Oh, dear, the Green Police have got it all wrong. According to the European Commission, 50% of the particulate matter in the air is dust from tyres and brakes on road vehicles. Which means that cutting air pollution is not just a matter of going cosmetically and delusionally electric, it also requires cuts to the number of vehicles of all sorts on the roads.

bulletSince 2010, £360 MILLION has been wasted on paying wind farm operators to switch off their turbines when their supply threatened to overload the grid. Scotland is the worst offender.


Full circle, nearly
bullet If 80% of student loans are never likely to be repaid, that means they're effectively student grants. In other words, we have slipped back to the old system by default.

Money trail
bullet The banks are moving into the 21st century with a system which will allow stolen cash to be tracked through intermediate 'mule' accounts to a final resting place, where it will be frozen. The next step is to get them to use cash which has been identified as abandoned by fraudsters to recompense their victims.

Socialist envy
bullet We're hearing a lot from the HUTAgonian tendency right now, including 'accusations' that people are 'guilty' of tax avoidance. Accusations are charges brought against law-breakers and tax avoidance is legal. Which means that anyone making vexatious accusations is involved in a hate campaign - which is a criminal offence. But don't expect the police to be arsed when it comes to doing anything about it.
   The main complaint from the socialists and their apologists is that people aren't paying a fair share of their income. But percentages are always quoted rather than the absolute contribution being made. A much fairer system would be to tell everyone that once they have paid, say, half a million pounds in tax, they don't have to pay any more. And if the government of the day can't live on that sort of income, the envious socialists will just have to lower their expectations for their free ride.

Pious Can't
bullet A study by the Taxpayers' Alliance has found that when local councils blow vast amounts of money on a campaign against smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, etc., then 30% of them don't bother to check up on the effectiveness of the campaign.
   According to the Local Government Association, the mouthpiece for councils, "It is indisputable that preventing ill-health is a far better use of taxpayers' money than treating illness."
   It is also indisputable, based on the amount of cash wasted by the local councils which bothered to audit their campaigns, that local councils are the last organization that one would trust with public money.

bulletDespite "The Cuts", the nation's police farces are still able to spend £81 million on 'investigating' hysterical crime allegations.

bulletThe NHS could have £1,300 MILLION per year more — if the stooges running it would get serious about stamping out internal fraud by dentists, GPs, identity fraudsters, etc.

reader comment“David Cameron has backed up his resolution to be the heir to Blair by going down the same money-grubbing road; another big cash-in deal for him was revealed this week. Are we now supposed to admire him for being a man of his word?”

bulletGood News : Ofcom is introducing new regulations to make providers pay £8/day to customers if their broadband connection fails.
Bad News : Not until 2019 to give broadband companies time to redo their billing systems and the scheme will be voluntary, so the bastards can ignore it.

The Brexit hate campaign
bullet We seem to have a remarkable number of quislings around, who are willing to pay any amount of British taxpayers' cash to the EU and willing to come up with all sorts of spurious analogies involving things like booking a holiday and dining out at a restaurant to justify their demands.
   Not a word about what basis there is for the EU's demands or guarantees that the money will be spent on something worthwhile (which is highly unlikely if the EU is involved; bribes and fraud losses and feeding Mr. Druncker's habit are the norm there).
   One wonders what the quislings hope to get out of it; other than the satisfaction of seeing the British taxpayer being ripped off for cash, which would be far better spent here than meekly coughed up to the EU.

What went on?
bullet It seems that the taxi outfit Uber paid $100,000 to a bunch of hackers, but what for? Erasing stolen data doesn't make much sense as how could they rely on hackers to do it and not take copies? Or how could Uber be sure the hackers hadn't sold on copies? Paying hush money to the hackers to get them to keep quiet about how easy them found it to get in to the Uber system sounds credible. Pretending it was a security test arranged by Uber doesn't.


Lots happening at the second weekend of the month
bullet Martin took his 9th Moto3 pole to his first race win, Olivera won his 3rd Moto2 race in a row and Dovizioso fell off in the MotoGP race, trying too hard and handing the title to Marc Marquez.
   On four wheels, Lewis Hamilton started from the pit lane in Brazil after making a bog of qualifying and taking a new engine. He finished 4th. Bottas, his team mate, couldn't convert a pole into a win but that didn't matter much as Hamilton is already the champ. And Alonso's McLaren made the full race distance for once, giving him an 8th place finish.
   Across the pond, the Saskatchewan Roughriders crossed over from the West to the nation's capital to take part in the East semi-final of the Grey Cup, and knocked off the current champions, the Ottawa Redblacks. In the West, the Edmonton Eskimos sledded over to Winnipeg to show the Blue Bomber's who's boss.

. . . by any other name
bullet The powers that be in the world of refereeing in England installed a substitute ref in a match involving Blackpool FC because the original ref's name was causing merriment on anti-social meeja.
   The match was scheduled for the end of a week which started with a high court judge finding the majority owners of Blackpool FC guilty of fundamental breaches of their duties as directors and ordering them to pay 31 million quid to a former club president.
   The ousted ref's name in Ben Toner which, said quickly, can be made to sound like Bent Owner. Mr. Toner is unable to comment for fear of being excluded from all future refereeing jobs.

bullet What do you get if you got to Brazil for a GP? If you're the Mercedes or Williams team, robbed at gunpoint or a good view of one happening in the traffic ahead of you respectively. But if you're an official of Ferrari Intentional Assistance, you get an armoured car.

world news

More booze and chat
bulletWorld leaders are having another junket at the UN this month. On the agenda is how to ban killer robots, such as drones which are programmed to take out human targets without seeking final approval from a human controller.
   Any outcome from this jolly is likely to have the same success as UN bans on things like war, poverty and death. But the booze and catering industries will make a few bob out of it and only taxpayers will lose.

Never a hint of gratitude
bullet Is it a bad thing that the Russians were informing the Trump election camp about Hillary Clinton's misdeeds; small, large and heinous? If the American people got to judge exactly what sort of a person Clinton is, the source of the information is irrelevant. In fact, the American people owe the Russians a vote of thanks for their efforts!

We'll take it under advisement . . .
bullet The Pope has been reported as getting tough on nuclear weapons. He reckons no one should have any. But as none of the countries with nukes is likely to take any notice of his disapproval, and everyone knew this before he spoke out, what was the point of doing the posturing?

We know what you're doing, comrades
bullet The PM has taken the unusual step of telling the Russian government directly that she knows it is spreading fake news by giving a soapbox to Britain's enemies, like J. Corbyn and his gang; a role traditionally reserved for luvvie left newspapers and the BBC, who are reported to be deeply unhappy about the intrusion.
   The Putinocracy has also been told that we know that its minions are performing cyber-attacks on our institutions.
   Whilst Vlad the Putin is happy to be cast in the role of villain/victim, as he is up for another cosmetic re-election in a few months, something which has really got him narked is a tightening of financial rules to hinder attempts by Russian kleptocrats to launder stolen cash through London.

Cheerful news in Zimbabwe? Nope!
bullet The non-coup staged by the army has pub the Vampire Mugabe on the sidelines #150; but only to place the Crocodile Mnangagwa in pole position. He's another pensioner with a taste for mass murder and loot, so the Russians and the luvvie left will love him, too.

Put up job?
bullet There is a strong and universal suspicion that many of the current wave of MeTooSlag accusations are being made by dogsbodies [is there a bitchesbodies alternative? Ed.] for the purpose of upping the profile of nobodies in the acting trade and providing them with newspaper clippings for their portfolio.

Waxworks Forever
bullet An Italian professor working in China is preparing to perform the first transplant of a human head to a donor body. His experiments are part of his campaign to help people to reach the age of 120 and beyond. This news explains why the current leaders of the Communist Party of China are not encouraging any rising stars. They see no need for them.

Calm down, dears!
bullet Does it really matter if the former leader of Labour in the Scottish parliament is spending three weeks doing a TV show in Australia? Her star is in the wane, she's had her turn in the spotlight and she's been booted out in favour of a Corbynite trade-unionist zombie bloke. An alternative career as a Z-list celeb will probably be more fun.
reader comment“Ms Dugdale's ambition was to be a role model for young women thinking of having a career in politics. And this she has achieved. She has shown the youngsters that they might just get a turn at the top, but then they will most likely be shuffled off into obscurity and replaced by some bloke; which avoids creating false expectations in politically ambitious girls.”

You just can't win
bulletPresident Trump is always being told off for having something to say about almost everything. Now, he's being trolled for not going on about some American divorcee bagging Prince Harry.


We're Max'd Out & You Suck!
bullet Bad news for the coffee brewing industry. Thanks to Brexit, The Cuts and austerity, investment in over-priced liquid in a non-recyclable cup with your name on it has peaked at £2K/person/year.
   With no growth available in the market coffee suppliers have resorted to doing knocking jobs on their rivals in an attempt to get a bigger market share.


Here's a wonderful conspiracy theory . . .
bullet Mrs. Leadballoon was trying to drum up support for a Tory leadership bid, because she thinks Theresa is making a bog of it and she's the next Maggie Thatcher, but she became worried that the PM would sack her from the Cabinet. So she made herself into a Victim with some MeTooSlag sleaze against the Defence Secretary. [Him in particular because he had described her as a dud who needed to be sacked.]
   And it gets worse: If Mrs. May bought the Victim story, then she is clearly faulty of judgement and unfit to be the leader of a major political party and prime minister. And the Tories should pick someone better to lead them, like . . . the woman who thinks she's the next Maggie Thatcher? And who has children and understands people.

Flat spin @ Westmonster
bullet The whips' offices at the House of Common Criminals and Sex Maniacs are in turmoil. One lot is struggling to create an illusion of propriety whilst avoiding letting the Conservative-DUP accommodation majority slip. The other mob has to find ways to avoid suspending randy Labour MPs, even if they deserve it, to avoid give the enemy aid and comfort.

Scold's Bridle for MeToo-ers
bullet The Parliamentary Sex Mania Tsar will have to get to grips with nomenclature quickly to reduce the temperature of the current hysteria. For instance, 'sugar tits' has to be classed as a legitimate expression of affection between consenting adults while 'twinkle tits', especially if applied to a bloke, is always a term of derision; which may be entirely justified, according to the degree of appalling behaviour shown by the recipient.

bullet Something worth repeating and perpetuating is the counterblast by former Times editor Lord Finkelstein to Gordon Brown's whinge in his memoirs that failing to get involved with Twitter cost him his job as prime minister:
"It wasn't 140 characters led to your downfall. It was one. Yours."

Home News
UK Flag

The award is in keeping with the sentiment?
bullet'Fake News' is the Word of the Year for 2017, according to Collins, the dictionary company. How appropriate that this 'word of the year' is, in fact, two words.

reader comment“Has something gone wrong with the public sector's biological clock? We seem to be stuck in the Silly Season. Instead of getting on with Brexit and clearing up the mess left by 13 years of New Labour misrule, the Hutagonians are pointing MeTooSlag fingers at anyone daft enough to put up with it. Oh, for a serious season!”

reader comment“Apparently, there is a technical term for what the Hutagonians are doing with their fake-news sex stories. The psychiatric trade calls it 'displacement activity', which is defined as obsessing with trivial as an excuse for avoiding the serious and the necessary.”

Meeee too
Apparently, it's not just the blokes you have to look out for!

A bit off here, a bit on there
bulletAn all-male club is letting a member stay on the books, even though he has decided that he wants to be a woman, because: "he's a terrific guy". Which is a pretty effective way of telling him: "You're not fooling anyone, bud!"

Jolly old pals!
bullet Why does anyone care if Sky News closes down when there are so many other news sources available? Unless the looney left luvvies are up in arms because they will be deprived of an excuse to bitch about the Murdochs.

What Brexodus?
bullet The Bremoaners claimed that voting to leave the EU would result in a flood of migrants going home and the British economy stalling. Surprise! The exact opposite has happened and migrants are still flooding in and making the housing crisis even worse.

bullet Sacked Cabinet minister P. Patel has advised the PM to tell the EU to sod off and take its ransom demands with it. Sounds like she's doing a grand job on the back benches.


Shelter from the storm
bullet The president of Catalonia has fled to Brussels, seeking political asylum and refuge from the lefty-fascist regime in Spain. He may even form a government in exile. The Spanish government is seeking to intimidate him with fake embezzlement charges; a ploy much used by the enemies of the Trump administration in the United States.

Crime News

Despite "The Cuts"
bullet The South Yorkshire police farce managed to waste £2 million of taxpayers' money on its publicity stunt persecution of Sir C. Richard on the basis of bogus and hysterical sexual assault allegations. The amount wasted by the co-conspirator, the BBC, has yet to be revealed.

bullet The Metropolitan Police would like to drive a stake through the heart of the legend that if criminals on a moped/motorbike throw off their crash helmets, then the police will abandon a chase on 'elf 'n' nazi grounds. The plain fact of the matter is that the likelihood of a copper being around to give chase at the time of a mugging is so small as to be unworthy of consideration.

bulletA guide dog charity is seeking to remove a hound from the clutches of a partially sighted prevert, who has been convicted of possessing indecent images of children. Presumably, the charity is worried that the dog is clever enough to help the prevert to navigate Windows 10.

Something else busted
reader comment“Here's a good one: a woman who was awarded £22,000 damages after Rolf Harris was convicted of molesting her might have to pay it back. Why? Because she was hoovered up as part of a police trawling operation to build up 'victim' numbers and her story was demolished this month at the court of appeal. Sheer fantasy, didn't happen.”

Public Service Announcement

He's been called the Blogger of the Decade

His intellect is matched only by the size of his luck and the size of his bank balance. And yet he manages to keep his Feet On The Ground with the greatest of ease. Do yourself a favour and find out what Xavier has had to say about what's going on Right Now!

Halloween Pumpkin

bullet Accusations from anonymous sources are worthless; except to politicians who use them to sleaze rivals in conjunction with the outbreak of hysterical MeTooSlag-ism at the Palace of Westmonster. What next?

bullet The BBC and the Bank of England are still pushing Project Fear as hard as they can; to the point of deliberately misleading their audiences, in the case of the BBC. They are clearly worried about the share price of PF hitting zero and wiping out their HUGE investments of credibility.

bullet There is a rumour going round that, in the interests of all-party involvement, the prime minister will appoint Lord Two-Jags Prescott as the Parliamentary Sex-Pest Tsar.

bullet The nation's police farces are being asked to document how many complaints they have received that zebra crossings are semi-raysist because of the black (or white) stripes.

bullet A special section of Hell is being reserved for the white-poppy-wearing lefty luvvies, who are claiming that red poppies are raysist.

bullet Judges on £200K think they're not paid enough. The quality of their decision-making would suggest otherwise.

bullet Looney lefties yelling about Boris Johnson are on an automatic loser. After all, who's going to treat them as more rational than the regimes in North Korea and Iran, which have established an equal reputation for having little or no contact with the real world?

bullet How strange that the BBC chose not to pick up on the stories about, and pictures of, BBC news staff 'asleep at the wheel' instead of doing any work.

bullet Oh, what fun to watch millennial snowflakes melting in the white heat of reality!

Far Queue symbol Tory leadership hopeful A. Leadballoon has shot herself in the foot with her pathetic victim act and her 'she said he said' stuff from six years back.

Far Queue symbol J. Hartley-Knees-up. Put the bloody things away.

Far Queue symbol Harridan Harperson has a licence to do a stand-up act of Holocaust jokes on TV because she is right on.

Far Queue symbol Pritti Patelevision seems to have got above herself rather. Clearly an attack of Harperson's disease.

Far Queue symbol Ditched SNP honcho A. Salmond is finding time hanging so heavily on his hands that he has signed up to do a show on the Putin Channel Rossiya Cyevodnya.

Far Queue symbol "We want a good Brexit, not a hard, ideological Brexit" Sacked Tory minister A. Soubrey wins this month's award for the most meaningless piece of political BS. Especially backed up by her death threat claims.

Far Queue symbol S. Javid, the Communities Sec. thinks he can buy popularity by blaming 'older people' who have bought a home and don't have a mortgage for the lack of housing caused by governments encouraging and failing to control immigration. Effin' HUTAgonian creep. Just wibble from the Libertine-Democraps in response.

Far Queue symbol Something else which needs to be made compulsory is a £5K fine for all politicians who tell us we need to make something 'fit for the 21st century'. We know we're in C21, we don't need to be reminded of it any more.

Far Queue symbol A 40-year-old mother has complained about her son's school using books containing the Sleeping Beauty story because she thinks that the prince kissing the enchanted (by a wicked fairy) princess without getting her consent [How? Ed.] sends out the wrong message on sexual consent. What a shame that a 40-year-old woman is such a snowflake that she failed to understand the message of a story written for kiddies.

Far Queue symbol Labour MP E. Coad (Kensington) has opened the floodgates. By calling the PM ugly, she has given everyone a licence to point ouf that she is never going to be considered for a beauty contest. [Except as a cleaner backstage. Ed.]

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