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2011 Election Results for Macclesfield Tytherington Ward
Election date:
May 5, 2011

Candidate PartyVotesShareElected
MURPHY BrendanVote Independent1,51625.79%Yes
ROBERTS LloydVote Independent1,24621.19%Yes
WARD Carol AnnConservative1,032 17.55%No
HARDY Marian Annette Conservative99116.86%No
STEDMAN MarkLabour4998.49%No
WRAY MildredLabour3485.92%No
HOUSTON Walter JohnGreen Party247 4.20%No

Tytherington with Bollinbrook News

The Issues

Black Hole Budget

Branding the council budget a “recipe for disaster”, Tory Cllr Dave Brickhill said: “Our reserves are in a critical state. At £6.7 million, they are half the minimum risk level. If this year’s £7 million overspend is repeated, we will wipe out our reserves altogether!
   “And if the promised savings are NOT achieved, there will be nothing left in the kitty.”
   He continued: ”The division of Cheshire into two halves has NOT produced any of the promised council tax cuts. Instead there have been reductions in service, increases in charges and, with the runaway cost of redundancies, a reserve fund that is more than 50% below the safe level.

£8 MILLION “scandal”

Despite its “cash crisis” and a surplus of development sites, Cheshire East Council has paid £2.75 million for an old PO sorting office in Crewe. It will have to fork out another £4.25 million to secure the site for development. Trying to justify the decision, the Council Chief Executive reportedly said it was “the most important decision for Cheshire’s growth over the next 40 years.”
   She was “upset” when a ‘rebel’ councillor “fell about laughing”. But given all the empty sites we already have including Tytherington Business Park, why is CEC using taxpayers' cash to buy another one? And why Crewe?
   The CEC website lists its 6 major developments, all in Crewe including Crewe town centre. Is the £8 million bill being paid, in effect, from the £40 million we gave to CEC in 2008? Our c-tax already has a 10% cross-subsidy to Crewe.
   And we have our own town centre plan stalled through lack of cash!

Macclesfield in the red

DEBT-FREE IN 2008 ...
£157M IN DEBT IN 2011!!

— And your share of the debt is £1000

After two years in office, Cheshire East has taken Macclesfield taxpayers from being debt-free to being debt-burdened, over £1,000 per household!

The £157 million accumulated debt* - due to rise as high as £212 million by 2013 - was revealed in the Council’s budget debate.
   With a £7 million overspend on its current budget and anxious to avoid a pre-election tax rise, Cheshire East has plundered its reserves. They have been reduced to £6.7 million, less than half the minimum risk level.
   All this is in stark contrast to Macclesfield’s position prior to its abolition in 2008. At that time Macclesfield Borough was debtfree and held over £40 million in reserves, investments and sundry “cash” accounts.

The question might be asked: "Where has all that cash gone?"

The biggest element in the current debt has probably been the £20 million estimated cost of creating Cheshire East Council, with its inflated top salaries, excess redundancy pay for council chiefs and a bonanza for councillors’ allowances, expenses and support services.
   In the coming year, there will be a further £4.2 million cost for early retirements given to employees aged over 50.

*The £157M figure is what the council calls “actual external debt” and is shown on page 74 of the Budget report.

Brendan Murphy“Macclesfield has had one-party rule for decades. It has bred complacency, arrogance and corruption. It must be brought to an end.”

Independent candidate Brendan Murphy served ten years as a Councillor for Tytherington on the former Macclesfield Borough. Previously, he had been an elected member of Cheshire County. He has worked in both the private and public sectors and offers extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the running of a business and the operation of public services.
   “My mission is simple. I want to represent people, not a political party. I believe in Common Sense – not political correctness. I will defend those who cannot defend themselves. I will fight for fairness, freedom and honesty.”

Complaints Counter — some problems I would want to resolve:


This residential road is a traffic nightmare thanks to “rat-running” motorists using it as a short cut.
   Because residents objected to a parking permit scheme (for which they would have to pay), the Council has nothing more to offer.


There is a beautiful country park on our doorstep. But do you know who runs it?
   Who represents you?
   I will ensure that, in future, Tytherington & Bollinbrook is represented.

school cars“SCHOOL” CARS:

Parking in residential roads by local sixth-formers and ‘rush hour’ parents is creating ever more danger, anger and frustration.
   The Police must be persuaded to act.

Tytherington Business ParkBUSINESS PARK?

Cheshire East Council has just paid £8M for an old Post Office depot in Crewe, which it wants to turn into a “knowledge-based” business park. Meanwhile, Tytherington Business Park is left as a languishing eyesore.


Potholes and damaged grass verges are widespread. But some areas seem to have been totally neglected!
   Taking your place in a queue is one thing. Never reaching the end of the queue is something else.

tatty signTATTY ADVERT?

Does this tatty sign on the Macclesfield boundary reflect Cheshire East Council’s attitude to Macclesfield – especially when you compare it with the Council’s boundary signs?

Tytherington with Bollinbrook News

New Ward Boundaries . . .
Tytherington merges with Bollinbrook/Coare St area

In May, Tytherington merges with Bollinbrook to form a new ‘stand-alone’ electoral ward. It will have two councillors to represent it on Cheshire East council.

The merger, which also takes in the Coare Street area, was the Boundary’s Commission's final recommendation, following its two year review of ward boundaries in Cheshire East.
   The purpose of the review was to equalise ward electorates, working to a bench mark ratio of one councillor per 3600 voters. Tytherington-Bollinbrook ward will have 7124 voters.

Fair Voting for all?

First Past the Post? Proportional Representation? Alternative Voting? No voting system is perfect. But take a closer look at AV.
   Candidate A fails by one vote to get over 50% of first preferences. He gets just one of the second preferences.
Candidate B had no 1st preferences but he got ALL the 2nd preferences. However, having no first preferences, B is eliminated.
   His 2nd preference votes are redistributed and Candidate A then gets enough to win!

   There are many variations of AV systems. But is it any wonder that Fiji – one of only three countries using AV – is getting rid of it?

Queen honours
Tytherington man

Neil Webster

Tytherington resident, Neil Webster is off to Buckingham Palace for a New Years Honour – Member of the Order of the British Empire, awarded to him for years of dedicated, voluntary service to the Royal British Legion.

Council Bust-up?

Is Cheshire East Council falling apart? Within 2 years, council leader Wesley Fitzgerald has ‘exiled’ four senior lieutenants, amidst rumours of bungles, land deals and political rivalry.
   The sacked men include Prestbury councillor Paul Findlow who represents Tytherington.
   A man of utmost probity, he is probably the most experienced and knowledgeable councillor in Cheshire – and that deepens suspicions about the Leader’s motivation. The sacking of the finance supremo, Cllr Frank Keegan, adds to the mystery.

Schools Up-date?

Public consultation on school reorganisation ended on 14th January. The core issue is to convert Macclesfield High School into an Academy for 11 to 16 year olds from September.
   The Academy would be sponsored by Macclesfield College, which already enjoys close links with the High School, viz: their shared Learning Zone site, and the 6th Form College.
  In the face of parental opposition, the initial idea of merging Macclesfield High with Tytherington High has been dropped ... for the time being at least!

New Council? And a nice new Tax to go with it?

Having scrapped Macclesfield Borough Council, Cheshire East now want another new one in its place. And that will result in another layer of tax for residents to pay!

With town or parish councils in every district, Cheshire East Council hopes to off-load a lot of its duties – without reducing its own tax but leaving it to the new councils to pick up the tab for the devolved services.
   Cheshire East is racing ahead to install a Wilmslow Parish Council by May 2011. It will start with a £½M budget for staffing and offices. And that is before spending any money on services other than running a “talking shop!”
   If Cheshire East Council tried to install a local council on Tytherington, would you want to be “governed” by a:-
   Macclesfield Town Council... or Tytherington Parish Council?
   In Macclesfield you would have more of a say in the town centre but less say in the council tax. With your own parish council, it would be the reverse with more say on the level of tax.

What a mess!

The future of Macclesfield “town” is fast falling into an almighty mess and a Council report revealed a developer has got the town centre plan by the throat.
   The report refers delicately to “the legal implications in relation to the Wilson Bowden Development Agreement” for the town centre . But in plain language, the harsh reality of these words is clear.

Once the Council gave planning permission for WB’s outline plan, as it did in 2008, there was no changing it ... without a substantial “pay-off”! (WB is lumbered with troubles since it was hived of by its parent company and its business broken up.)
   Knutsford Cllr Macrae, who signed off the WB deal, is still in charge of the Macclesfield Town Plan.
   The Council’s Masterplan ignores two other sites that affect the town centre – Tytherington Business Park and the land (picture above) adjacent to the Silk Rd and Tesco.
   The South Macclesfield Development (the former Danegate site) might never take place. Much of the land sits on peat bog up to 30 metres deep.

Super Star Chris (right)

Chris Cooke (shown with Peter Herbelet, Groundwork Trust manager) is one of Tytherington’s superstars. Tirelessly, for the past four years, she has led the campaign to get a properly equipped children’s play area on Sandwich Drive.
   Her team has raised almost enough money to complete the project BUT in the last critical phase, they have a hit a cash crisis.
   The site needs drainage but funding has run out and Cheshire East has turned its back on them.
   New sponsor and fund-raisers are desperately needed.
   Can you help?

Remember Clive

Last year, the former Head of Marlborough School and chairman of the Tytherington Residents Association, Clive Bates, died after a long illness. He was a resolute defender of Tytherington and we want to thank him publicly for the wise advice and invaluable help he gave to the Independent councillors for the ward.

7 out of 10 escape

Less than 30% of crimes in Macclesfield are successfully detected – meaning the equivalent of seven out of ten criminals get away with it. Many are known to the police.

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