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Tytherington + Bollinbrook
Brendan Murphy with his dog, Rosie

BRENDAN MURPHY was first elected to Macclesfield Borough Council in 1988 to represent Tytherington. He had previously represented this area as a member of the former Cheshire County Council.

He now has a proven record of working for the community.

He led the “save-the-hospital” campaign in Macclesfield, fought the ill-fated Danegate scheme, instigated the Cheshire Youth Games and he has defended residents on many local issues.

He first came to Macclesfield as a scholarship pupil at the former Salesian College, Shrigley. He read Law and American Studies at Manchester University and post graduate management studies at the Henley Management College.

His wife, Iris, a former head teacher, became disabled through a spinal injury and died from cancer in 2003. His experience as a carer has given Brendan a profound understanding of disability issues, and he shares Iris's passion for animal welfare.

His pastimes include classical music and jazz, playing the piano, swimming, a minimal amount of gardening, and occasionally watching The Simpsons!

His working life started in local journalism followed by PR, advertising and marketing in London and Manchester. He moved into the public sector initially to help steer the first NHS reorganisation. Then he was involved in the 1974 reorganisation of local government..

In 1985, he joined Welsh Water as Head of Public Affairs for the privatisation process.

In 1990 he launched his own private sector communications and behavioural research company, working nationally and internationally with clients such as the BBC, ITN, Reuters, Exxon, Marriott, the DTI and others.

In 2010, he stood as a local Independent Candidate in the General Election because he felt “so angry with the corruption of party politics and the damage being done not just to democracy but also to the very essence of our nationhood.”

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EXPERTISE : Something every good councillor should have

Brendan Murphy offers a unique mix of knowledge, skills, training and practical experience.

His business and employment experience span both private and public sectors. He knows how private enterprise is run and how public services operate ... or should operate!


He possesses the forensic expertise to scrutinise and challenge government.


He has practical experience in investigating and exposing bureaucracy.


He has demonstrated his skills in advocacy whilst defending those who cannot defend themselves.

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