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Lloyd RobertsMy name is Lloyd Roberts
I am 50 years of age, married with two sons and live on Coare Street, Macclesfield. I have lived and worked as a self employed Publican in this ward since April 1993. I intend to stand as an Independent Candidate for the new Tytherington / Bollinbrook Ward in the forthcoming Cheshire East Council Elections on Thursday May 5th 2011.

I believe that Party Politics have no place in Local Government
As an Independent Candidate I do not have to follow any party political line. This means I can concentrate on defending and protecting the interests of residents in the new Tytherington / Bollinbrook Ward without any interference.

People want action, answers and value for money
For too long the mainstream parties have monopolised Council affairs, the same old rhetoric has been churned out by politically correct Councillors. For too long there has been a gravy train of waste at the council tax payer's expense.

People before politics, not the other way around
You need Independent Councillors who will defend and protect your interests, not those who drip feed the electorate bits of information as and when it suits them.

I WILL NOT... Ask for your vote and then change my allegiance once elected, or Ask for your vote so that once elected all communication will cease. A line of communication will always be open via surgeries, e-mail and telephone. Too many councillors once elected seem to vanish and never answer your emails, letters or phone calls... I will not be one of those people.

I CANNOT... Guarantee to solve all your problems and concerns if elected.

BUT I WILL... Guarantee that whatever your problems or concerns, I will take them up on your behalf and try my utmost to get you the best results possible.
That is what you are entitled to.
That is what I will be here for.
My focus will always be on the local community

The Prime Minister talks about a Big Society, moving power away from central government and giving it to local communities and individuals. People are being encouraged to be more involved in their communities, taking control of how things are done in their areas.

You will have that opportunity on Thursday May 5th 2011
You will have two votes to elect two Councillors to represent the residents of this new Tytherington / Bollinbrook Ward.
We need local people to deal with local—not national—issues.

If you vote Independent we can make this ward 'Our Big Community'.
Your issues will become my policies if you elect me on Thursday 5th May 2011.

Please do not waste your vote, select a candidate who can support your issues
Please do not let Apathy become the death of local democracy

To Serve - To Defend - To Protect

Be Independent - Think Independent - Act Independent


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