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125. Dr. Smith Anthony / 2004


We are members of the "Tenders Committee" appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria for Contract Awards/Payment Approvals in the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). Our duties include evaluation,vetting approvals for payment of contract executed for the PTF.

On the 10th of January, 2002, this Committee awarded a contract of $628.6 Million United States Dollars to the consortium of Abb Lummus,J.G.C.Corporation of Japan,Bouygues Offshore and a joint venture of Spiebatignoles and Fouguerolle,for an engineering, procurement and construction works affiliated to roads and housing construction.I and My colleagues and I decided to inflate the contract sum to the tune of $628.6M with the intention of sharing the remaining $28.6M among ourselves. The Federal Government of Nigeria has since approved the sum of $628.6M for the concerned foreign companies as full payment for the contract executed.But since each of the companies are entitled to $150M.As at now the money is right now with the security company.We intend to transfer the remaining $28.6M abroad into a safe and reliable account to be disbursed among ourselves.

I and my colleagues have agreed that if your company can act as the beneficiary of this fund ($28.6M) you and your company will retain 20% of the total amount while 75% will be for us and the remaining 5% will be used to offset any expenses incurred by both sides during the course of the transfer.It took us two years to fine-tune all the preparations for this transaction to meet all legal and initiative requirements in Nigeria and those of International Arbitration. It is imperative that this transaction is carried out within the shortest banking period, taking into recognizance the present existence of a new regime whose policy may affect these secretly domant funds.

Therefore i will like you to send me the followings under for Business Agreement:
1. Your Name
11. Home Address
111.Private Telephone and Fax numbers
1V. Your Company's Name and Address

With the above information, we will use your company name to re-award the contract, put up the letters of claims and apply for payment.Please be informed that the personalities involved in this transaction are Top and influential government functionaries who will not like any form of exposure and as such would want you to keep this business highly confidential. Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free on both sides.

Me and my colleagues are looking forward to doing this business with you.Please,acknowledge the receipt of this letter using this email in replying me with a title "Business Only" while maintaining maximum confidentiality.I shall bring to your notice the complete picture of the related document in which you will acess .

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Smith Anthony

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