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126. Muktan Talabi / 2004
Subject: Dear fellow Moslem, Read and Reply.

Dear Fellow Moslem,

I am Muktan Talabi, citizen of Iraq, I have been able to sneak out this letter from my tight hide out in Southern (IRAQ).I do not want to waste time going into the story of Iraq which is a world news, What I want to say is that the INFIDELS(THE AMERICANS AND THEIR ALLIES) have succeeded in forcing Rich Iraqis to move thier money and their properties out of Iraq for fear of being comfiscated and stolen by the invaders, I am one of such persons.

I have been able to mave about USD$18Million(EIGHTEEN MILLION US Dollars) overseas for safe keeping with a renoun financial security company through the help of a morrocan, But since than I have lost contact with the Morrocan hence i am desperately writting you. I want you to responed to me immediately so that i will despatch you full detailed information of where the UED$18MILLION is now and how to receive it I will then give you all the vital infrmation including the TIGHT SECRETE PASS WORD AND CODES Which if you present to the security company the money will be released to you without any question.

If after you recieve the money, and I cannot come out of my hide out, I will then tell you how to invest the money for both of us. But if I die in the process of trying to come out then you will take 20% of the money for yourself and the remaining 80% you will distribute to mosques other moslem institutionS and interests around the world as charity. It's better this way, than the INFIDELS to steal the money.I cannot write much because to my situation.

please please please get back to me immediately, for proper security, send your reply to my alternative email( Thank you alot


N.B please reply now
I am waiting.

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