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137. Harold Mfwamba / 2004


My Dear Friend,

I am highly compelled upon strict recommendation, to write you this very urgent and confidential letter. I do hope my letter will not embarrass you since I had no previous correspondence with you. I hope this mail will not come to you as a surprise.I am sending this proposal with due sense of humanity, responsibility and with few awareness that you will give it a due attention. Iregret the inconvenience it may cause you based on the condition that we have not met before. My name is Harold Mfwamba, a son to the personal assistant to Laurent Kabila, the late head of state/President of Democratic Republic of Congo. I am contacting you in view of the fact that you will be of great assistance to each other like wise developing a cordial relationship.

My father along with the head of state (Laurent Kabila) and some top officials of their past administration were killed in a palace coup sort of; in January 2001, The current attitude of the present government headed by Laurent Kabila's son (Joseph) towards my family has indeed made life quite unbearable for us forcing us to run to Republic of Benin to seek refuge.I have also managed to sneak into London England now also as refugee. I entered some couples of days back.

Fortunately, my late father had Twelve million and five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$12.5 million) cash, which they intended to use for arms importation then to quell the rebellion and war from other opposing forces before their untimely death.

This money was however diverted to and kept in a private security company in Europe with Hallmark Fiduciary. This money was deposited for safe keeping in the security vault of the Security agency by my father preparatory to being claimed abroad for investment purposes (under the guise that money was remitted to the arms dealers) before his death leaving a clause that an expatriate partner could only claim it.

It is only my family and myself that know where the money is kept and have the necessary documents and picture of this deposit,This i can forward to you upon request. May his soul rest is peace Due to the current situation in my country concerning government’s vendetta toward my family and other sundry crisis of leadership and rebel uprising, we seek your assistance to act as that expatriate who will claim this money from the sucurity company for the purpose of investment as intended by my father. We cannot take the money back to Congo again.

Note that my family as asylum seekers with refugee status in Benin Republic is currently being protected by our host government. Towards this effect, an embargo restricting my family members from traveling or carrying out financial transactions without their express permission is in force. However, I have an arrangement on how you can help us to claim this money to you after receiving some assurances from you of the safety our own share and that you will only take the commission that we will offer you.

This money personally belongs to us and we intend that it still be used for investment. No record ever existed concerning this money, neither is the money traceable by the government because there is no documentation concerning the funds in the Federal Treasury of Democratic Republic of Congo or Republic of Benin where I am presently as a refugee.The company in Europe has confirmed that as soon as a foreign expatriate whom the family will bring comes, they will immediately formalize arrangement and release the consignment to him/her.

Bearing in mind that your assistance is needed to recieve this fund on behalf of the family, we propose a commensurate commission of the total sum of USD45% to you for the expected services and assistance While 5% is mapped out for miscellaneous and other associated expenses while 50% is for the family. On your positive consent, I shall expect you to contact me urgently to enable us discuss about this.

Your urgent response is highly needed. I must use this opportunity to implore you to exercise utmost indulgence to keep this matter extraordinarily confidential, while I await your prompt response.


Best regards,


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