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149. Juliane Kosongo / 2004
Subject: Urgent help

My name is Juliane kosongo, a former student at freetown college. I have only one kid sister maryam who was a student in college too.

We have been in a refugee camp in the UK because we lost our parents in plane accident as ma dad was the director general of the s/leone diamond mining cooporation in freetown. Before his death, he kept about 2.5 million Dollars with his fiduciary company in UK here as family fund so now we have been told by the company that we can collect our money on only one condition, that we get a foreigner who will stand as our guardian to help us since we are not yet the age for the money to be transfered to you. Please we need you to help us collect our fathers money and take care of us. we are not able to collect it because we are not up to the age yet so please we want you to help us.

Please the only assist we need from you after collecting our daddy's money is for you to put us in a good school so that we can complete our education and also you may help in keeping the money.

I have the certificate of deposit of the money with me so as to give you if willing to help us. also if you will help us be kind to notify us back through this email.(

Thank you and God bless you as i wait for your reply.

Yours in Christ,

Juliane Kosongo.

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