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174. Pastor Smith Elijah / 2004

Dear Brethren,

My names are Pastor smith elijah of Gods historic chapel in warri Delta state of Nigeria. I am the General overseer of Gods historic chapel in Nigeria.i am a Nigerian and was called into the vineyard of the lord four years ago.

It all started some four years agoin a place called warri in Delta state of Nigeria.There were crisis here and there ,so it got to an extent that my church was burnt down but it did not stop me from carrying out Gods work.During this period people were killed and children were left to starve to death and some of them went about stealing and some went about getting into drugs,these and some other things were happening untill one day God called me and said son go into the streets and bring my children unto me so that they may know their father .

It was on this note i bult an orphanage home for the displaced ,starved,and the un-happy children in the society. The orphanage consist of two section namely section 1 and section 2. Section 1 consist of those whose parents were killed while section 2 consist of those whose houses were burnt down by fighters.

The orphanage has solely been managed by me all alone though at the end of every year the Goverment do give donations but it is not even regular.i pastor smith Elijah is using this medium to callon well meaning christians,individuals,corporate bodies and companies to kindly come to my aid because this is not just what one can do all alone. I am using this medium to call for support from you reading this mail.

The book of proverbs 21:7 says , the robbery of the wicked shall destroy them.Proverbs 28:27 also says that he that givethto the poor shall not lack anything.

I pastor Smith Elijah is calling for assistance from all across the globe so as to help the dying children of God. Assistance to the orphanage can come in any form.It could be through prayers,through the supply of relief materials ,or through the sending of funds to the orphanage and you can best be assured that the children of God will surely be touched by your donations.Whatever you give can never be too small in the sight of GOD.

God has blessed so many people through the prayers of these orphans and i can assure you that whatever your problem may be,it can be solved through their prayers.Some has been blessed financially,some were blessed with the fruit of the womb while others were blessed whatever your problem is let us know.

My beloved brethren it will do us alot of good if you find out more about the warri crisis in Nigeria so as not to doubt what i am saying.please kindly show love to these kids as they need your support in every way, for the lord said blessed are those that give unto the house of the lord for they shall not lack.

I will want to plead with you once more again not to allow GODS children to die as a result of the war in Delta state. Thank you very much for the utmost care you will be showing towards these children and with our prayers i believe God will answer your request you are making through us.You can also write the orphanage through(

My regards

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