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177. Mr. Prince Ibeh / 2004
Subject: Kindly get back to me



Attn: My gentle friend,


I am Mr. Prince Ibeh, The Chairman, Contract Awarding and Procurement Committee of Economic Community of West African States with headquarters in Lome-Togo (Ecowas). We wish to transfer the sum of USD6.500,000 (Six Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) to your company account or personal bank account for investment thereafter. This fund was a residue of the over invoiced contract bills awarded by us for the supply of ammunitions, hard/soft wares, pharmaceutical and medical items, light and heavy duty vehicles, apparels and other administrative logistics etc for ECOMOG in Sierra–Leone and Liberia during the peace keeping projects this deal was deliberately hatched out and carefully protected with all attendant lope holes sealed off.

As the chairman of (CAC), I has the cooperation and mandate of the financial director of the organization. We arranged and over invoiced the contract funds supplied by different companies from different countries during the crisis. It was our consensus to seek the assistance of a willing foreigner to provide us with the facilities to transfer this money out of West Africa this is born out of our belief in the non- stable and spurious political nature of this sub-region.

The original contractors have been duly paid by banque centarle des etats de l, afrique del ouest (central bank of the west African states) through our banker (ECO-BANK) this balance is suspended in the escrow accounts awaiting claims by any foreign company of our choice. We intend to pay out this fund now as the organization is winding up its activities since the aim of returning PEACE to the countries and the coast has been achieved. Based on the law and ethics of employments, we as civil servants working under this organization, are not allowed to operate a foreign account.

This is the more reason why needed your assistance to provide an account that can sustain this fund for safe keeping and our future investment with your comprehensive advise, assistance and partnership in your country. It is however agreed, as the account owner in this deal to allow you 30% of the total sum as compensation, 65% will be held on trust for us while 5% will be used to defray any incidenental charges and cost during the course of the transaction.

This transaction will be successfully concluded within 14 days if you accord us your unalloyed and due co-operation, you should provide the following informations:-

1. Your company's name with complete address Telex and fax numbers
2.The name of your bank, its address with tel. and telex unmbers, this will be use to transfer these funds into your account.

Upon the receipt of this information, the document and approvals with texts will be sent to you for confirmation and then forwarded to the organization for ratification and Subsequent payment, as with the case of all organized (sensitive) and conspired deal, so we solicit for your unreserved Confidentiality and Utmost secret in this business.

We hope to retire peacefully and lead a honourable business life after ward. There is no risk involve. Write to me through this personal email address:-, for more details please reply immediately. Try to send me your private telephone phone and fax number while replying to me for easy communication.

Thanks for your proper understanding.

My due regards,
Mr. Prince Ibeh.

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