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182. Mr.Prince Tabo Charles / 2004

Dear Friend,

I am Mr.Prince Tabo Charles, a consulting auditor,NedBank Plc, Johannesburg-South Africa.I have decided to contact you due to the urgency of this transaction.


A Foreigner, a German, Late Mr.Andreas Schranner, a majority stake holder in Habitat Real Estate Coy South Africa,until his death months ago in 25th July,2000 CONCORDE plane clash [Flight AF4590]
([<<>> pe/859479.stm),banked with NedBank Plc Johannesburg- South Africa,and had a closing balance as at the end of November, 2000 worth 25,400.000.00 (this is aside the accrued interest so far from that date). During the course of my auditing work with my client bank late last year, I discovered an account opened in the bank in 1998 by this great late Estate Magnate who died without a written or oral 'WILL' attached to the account with respect to his investment in Habitat Real Estate Company South Africa.

It is because of the perceived possibility of not being able to locate any of Late Mr. Andreas Schranner next of kin (His entire family perished in that fatal crash) known to the bank, according to the immigration data available to the bank,that the Management, under the influence of our Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors,started arrangement for the fund to be decleared "Unclaimed" and subsequentlly be donated as trust fund for arms/ammunition to further enhance the course of War in Africa for their selfish political interest/investment.

In order to avert this negative development, I have secretly discussed this matter with a close confidant attorney whom I must involve in order to assist us produce legal back-up documents which would substantiate claims/position of next of kin and also enable us have a smooth and successful transfer of the fund to any foreign bank account which you are going to nominate(can be an account with a zero blance but not dormant).

I got your contact through my personal search to see if you can assist by providing your safe bank account for the transfer or find a reliable person who will be capable of receiving such amount in his or her personal account and stand in as distant next of kin to the deceased.

All validating and authenticating documents to enable you get this fund will be carefully worked out. We have secured from the probate registry, an order of Mandamus to locate any of the deceased beneficiaries, and more so we are assuring you that this business is 100% Risk Free.

The sharing ratio after completion of transfer will be thus: 50% for me, 25% for you, 20% to be donated to any charity group in Germany(the deceased country) and 5% to cover any expenses that may be incurred in the course of completing the transfer.

Kindly indicate your interest to enable us, with your assistance,move the fund to the banks offshore clearing houses in London or Holland without any transfer fee payable by you. Please note that for the purposes of confidentiality, all further correspondence should be through my alternative email address:

Accept my warm regards as I await your response.


Mr. Prince Tabo Charles.

Please reply this my initial letter even if you dont want to help so that i will contact another person for help.

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