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Subject: us out

Organization: Gay.Com Member Email


Please, I am PRINCESS SANDRA WIWA,a Nigerian,born in March 1982,to a family of CHIEF JAMES WIWA AND CHIEF MRS VICTORIA WIWA.I am indeed very sorry and shy to discuss this my predicaments with you with the view and appeal for your Godly assistance,though you might have not known me and wonder why such a request to you at this time,yes it is true we do not know each other before now but having prayed to God Almighty to direct me on a rightful person for this project,I am then delighted to discuss this with you.

My Dad was a Chief in a very Big Oil Community here in Nigeria,as the Chief he was in control of the various oil wells for the community.He had no male child as he had only my younger sister and I as their only children. So while, he was on throne,he reserved with a security firm sum of (USD25 Million) in his name .He however he confided in our family attorney BARRISTER ANTHONY OBIORA(Esq) .about this transaction with the security firm. because according to our tradition, female children are not allowed access or inheritance of their late parents estate or assets.therefore this traditio of my people have made it highly impossible for me or my sister to have direct claim of this funds by ourselves.and the attorney too can not claim this fund on our behalf because the whole community knows him as my Dad's personal attorney for years, and could be under survilance by the aids of the incumbent chief.this is because if it is discovered in any way that our Dad had such money for us,it will be seized from US by the incumbent chief and me and my sister and the attorney might be ostrasied from the community as it will be regarded as a taboo.

So it is on this premises that we agreed harmoniously with the attorney to seek for a foreign partner who could secure this funds without any suspicion,hence my humbly contact to you.Infact, presently, the incubent chief that succeede my Dad on the throne have taken over all our parents laboured assets leaving nothing for us to survive on , hence my appeal to you to quickly help us secure this fund without further delay

Leaving is becoming unbearable to me and my sister as a result of this act of our tradition that have denied us access to our Dad's laboured assets.

Please note that once you indicate your interest and willingness to assist us secure this funds, i will link you up to my attorney who will then process the legal documents that will entitle you the full bonafide ownership of this funds and the power of authority to claim this funds from the security firm on our behalf for our mutual benefits ,and we have also agreed to give you 25% of the total sum plus a refund of all expenses you may incure on our behalf in the course of completing this transaction for us.

Moreso, i assure you most sincerely that this projects is 100% risk free,no complications, it is real with full prove of ownership of this fund available with the attorney. please it is an SOS (save our souls)call for help. as you make up your mind to help me and my sister out of this predicament i pray God Almighty in heaven to reward you and your family with His Great Heavenly and Fatherly Blessing.

I count on you most sincere to get back to me of your full interest and willingness to assist me and my sister to secure this funds.

Please also feel free to ask me or my attorney any further information or details you might want to know of us or of this projects.

I am a very humble, honest,reliable and very faithful lady, same with my younger sister and our attorney too. therefore, you can comfortable and peacefully rely on us for this project.

Very importantly,is that you should assure us of your reliability,and honesty not to sit on this fund when it is released to you as this is our only hope of survival.

I hopefully and urgently await your positive response to me.

Remain Blessed,


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