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199. Mr Morris Zihill / 2004
Subject: Yes is me again for our Discussion

Mr Morris Zihill

I am Mr Morris Zihill, the Chairman Contract Awarding and Tender Committee of African Union (AU) with Sub- Head, Accra Ghana. Forgive my contact to you, if this letter comes to you as a surprise and offends you, as you don't know of it's coming before. I got your contact during my search for a good and reliable person to do this huge money transfer project with. I and my colleagues involved in this project have agreed to seek your mutual partnership into this huge money transfer project. We wish to transfer the sum of (fifty-eight Million, Four Hundred Thousand) $58,400,000.00 to any account of your choice in your country be it personal or company's account.

But before we do this, we need to arrange for a meeting either here in Accra Ghana, or in Europe and Asia where I will be coming on an official assignment by this month. We shall meet to know each other and finalize on the movement of the fund from here. This money was gotten from over invoiced contract bills awarded by us for the supply of foods, hard and softwares, pharmaceutical/medical equipments and anti-misiles to the peacekeeping mission troop in Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Somalia and Cote'd Vore civil wars.

This over invoiced sum was purposefully brought out from the invoices and carefully protected. All lope holes leading to it's removal were sealed off with legal documents attached to the original invoices. It was our general wish to seek for your assistance to provide us with the facilities to transfer this money out of Africa. We decided to transfer this money out of Africa because of the non-steadiness of the continent's economy and non-steadiness in political nature of this sub-region of the world.

Based on the law and ethics of our services to AU, we civil servants here in Ghana are not allowed to operate foreign account. This is more reason why we needed your assistance as a foreigner to enable us get this money shifted to any account of your choice in your country. This over invoiced money is deposited in a security company here in Accra Ghana with the title "African Gold", awaiting claims by you or your company as the owner.

The project is expected to be successfully completed if you give us the total cooperation needed from your side. For the security of this money, you and us, we expect your confidentiality and utmost secrecy in this transfer. The confidentiality this transfer will get from both of us through out the transferring process and successful conclusion will make us retire to peaceful happy life and live to establish businesses that will brighten the entire lives of our families in future. There is no risk involved. Contact me upon the receipt of this mail for more details on the procedure and to know you flight schedule to our meeting point.

Best regards
Mr Morris Zihill

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