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202. Mrs Christine Ampatin Go / 2004
Subject: GOOD DAY


I am Mrs Christine Ampatin Go, a divorcee and native of Philippines. I would like to have a long lasting and confidential relationship with you by entrusting you with my life time fortune as I am presently desolated and need someone to trust. I do not want to remember my past ordeal in the hands of close confidants and family. from your profile, I would want to believe strongly that you are a very honest person. I have undergone so much tumoils in my short but eventful life and i want to go away from my all troubles.
I hope you will not dissapoint me afterall. any way, I was once the mistress of our then President, Joseph Estrada, and during his tenure in office, he enstrusted me with the sensitive task of safely depositing his funds in several financial institutions accross the world. my sexual and business relationship with Joseph Estrada was a top secret and it suited us both that way for years until he made a fatal mistake of leaving my letter unburnt after reading. His wife stumbled on it and \\\"the cat was let out of the bag\\\" This was a prelude to the fracas I had with his wife, Madam Loi and her son, Jude. it was a public embarrassment and people became aware that I was having such an affair with the President. Not quite a long time ago, I was wrongly arrested alongside Joseph Estrada\\\'s wife and son in connection with the 27th July, 2003 failed coup and was charged with treason, trafficking and harbouring of arms and ammunationsin in the villa bought for me by the then President Joseph Estrada.
after much investigation and interrogation, i was released on the ground of insufficient evidence but kept under severe immigration security watch. I know you might be wondering why i am telling you my shameful relationship with the then President and that I deserved all the problems i have gone throu gh. I do not dispute that and i feel so ashamed of myself but the fact is that i want a second chance to start afreash and make something out of my life. Do not judge me harshly in as much as you may want to. I need your assistance and urgently too. I want you to assist me claim one of the funds deposits i made for the President Estrada overseas during the days of my relationship with the then president. The documents of other deposits have been confiscated by the the government of Madam Gloria Ariyo, the current President of my country.The only deposit i can lay claims to right now is this one they could not see as I kept the documents with one of my close confidants who unfortunately, was also arrested.
The Amount deposited is US$10m. Joseph wanted to use this money to acquire some property in real estate in Africa which unfortunately, he could not finalise. I want you to promise me your total sincerity and will no t betray the enermous trust i am bestowing on you. Once you claim this money, you will keep and invest the money on trust on my behalf in any viable business venture pending when i am taken off the immigration security watch list. it is only then shall I travel down to meet you and we can sit down and deliberate on whether to continue on your line of investment or diversify. As soon as i get your consent to this subject matter, I will send you a copy of my international passport Photograph which i had stored in my computer before the government seiezed my international passport.
Upon the receipt of this mail,please send me your full names and contact address to enable me issue out a letter of authorisation on your behalf which will ensure that you successfuly claim the money when you come in contact with the Finance house where the money is lodged.
Please, respond to my email
Bes t Regards,
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Christine Ampatin Go

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