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208. Free Money Lotto / 2004

Free Money Lotto (Subsidiary of The Alliance of Industrialist)
Kydonias 219,
73135 Chania.


It is our pleasure to inform you that you are one of the lucky winners of our December lotto draw. Free Money Lotto (FML) is sponsored and supervised by the Alliance of Industrialist with the aim of alleviating poverty and reducing unemployment rate in the world over.

This month draw took place in Beijing, China on the 11th of December 2004.

Be informed that one hundred and twenty million email addresses were drawn from world wide web to play this lotto out of which only ten email addresses where selected through electronic device to win Ten Million Euro 10,000,000.00 and each winners to smile away with One million Euro.

Your winning numbers are: 07 19 22 29 32 41 while your email code numbers are: 25121968.

Guiding Rules

1.Note that you are expected to invest at least 75% of your winning price into a profitable investment in your country that will help alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment in your locality.

2. You are expected to propose an investment plan and forward it as a matter of urgency to the processing agent that would submit it to (Home office of the Alliance of Industrialist) for approval and subsequent rectification where necessary.


Due to the sharp practices of some unscrupulous elements who attempted to claim winning prizes belonging to the original winners in the past draw, we advice you to keep your winning information confidential and safe until your winning prize has been processed and your money paid to your designated account as may be advised. This is part of our safety procedures to avoid possible abuse of this program.

To claim your winning prize, please contact the financial manager/agent in Holland:

Contact person: Dr. Fernando López
Post Bank Nederlands

Note that winning prices must be claimed on or before 15th January, 2005, otherwise, aany unclaimed prices would be transferred to future Lotto draw which is taken place in Australia on the 10th of April, 2005.

You are hereby advised to present your winning details to the promoter's agent on request to enable him processed your winning prize. This is meant to facilitate the claim procedure by the authorized processing agent.

Mr. Wang Xiao Souai
For: Free Money Lotto


The information contained in this e-mail is legally privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the individuals or entities named as addressees. If you, the reader of this message, are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, publication, or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please forgive the inconvenience, immediately notify the sender, and delete the original message without keeping a copy.

Thank you, Alliance of Industrialist

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