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36. Bryan Bazemore / 2004
Subject: Get a Diploma without the hassle!

Krausa sighed. Son, I have obligations toward you; I'm carrying them out as best I can. Krausa thought over what he could tell the lad. Mother had pointed out that if Baslim had wanted the boy to know the message he had carried, Baslim would have put it in Interlingua. On the other hand, since the boy now knew the Family language perhaps he had translated it himself. No, more likely he had forgotten it. Thorby, do you know who your family is?

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Hello, Trader Man, she answered in Interlingua shrill and sibilant. She was two-thirds Thorby's height, on four legs with forelimbs elevated -- the baby had been on all six. Both were sleek and pretty and sharp-eyed. Thorby was amused by them and only slightly put off by the double mouth arrangement -- one for eating, one for breathing and talking.

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NOTE: this brilliant offer arrived in HTML format and a closer inspection of it (viewing the source code) showed that it contained 2 embedded sections of a science-fiction story (the bits in red). Which seem to go with the email address.

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