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59. Mohammed Abacha / 2004
Subject: Your Advise Pls

Dear Friend,

Please accept my apology for contacting this way, which is due to the urgency of my request. I got your contact from an enquiry I placed at the chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry. I am in need of a worthy business partner abroad who can handle the investment of specified funds which have been lying fallow for sometime.

If you accept to work with us, you would be our foreign partner to recieve the said funds on our behalf for the investment. Due to our sensitive position in OUR PLACE OF WORK, we cannot receive the funds in our own names hence we seek your assistance to do so and also to hold it in some investment until we can travel to meet with you. At your request I will intimate you with the blueprint when I recieve your mail.

NOTE:PLEASE FORWARD YOUR REPLY ONLY TO THIS MAIL BOX STATED HERE for security reasons and make sure you include your private telephone number for easy communication.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

My regards.

Mohammed ABACHA.

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