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80. Mrs Mariam Abacha / 2004

Dear Sir,

I am mrs Mariam Abacha, the wife of late Lt. General Sanni Abacha, the then Millitary Head od State of Nigeria who died on the 8th June, 1998 while still in power. After his death, the new civilian Government in power now, while investigating my late husband's financial improprieties, this new government has seized all my familys' travelling document, frozen all our money both in Nigeria and Overseas. And worse still, has placed me permanently under "house arrest" without any communication with the outside world.

Just recently, a Security and Finance Company overseas contacted me via e-mail on the existence of the sum of $21MUSD in their vault lodged by my late husband before his sudden death.

Since I was incacerated, could you please help me retrieve this fund overseas as a foreigner and lodged same in your safe account for my family investments overseas, otherwise I might loose this fund to the Nigerian Government as we lost the sum of $12MUSD of my late husband that was repartriated from a British Island to Nigerian Government in January, 2004

As soon as you retrieve this fund ($21MUSD) safely in your custody, I shall compensate you with 20% of the fund for your assistance.

For further directives for a successful transaction, please quickly contact my Legal Attorney, Mr Tomson Ugo on his email: and complete this transaction using his guide. But always write me on my email.
Yours faithfully,

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