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85. Mrs Savimbi / 2004
Subject: Kisa Health Center{please}

Kisa Health Center
Port Bell Road
Kampala Uganda

Subject:For My Family

Attension Friend,
Please pardon me for contacting you on notified, I write you base on my present condition, base on trust, faithfulness and hope inresspective of the fact that we have never meet or spoken, I contact you as a result of my present predicament and the hope to live on. I want to remain positive that you hear me out and understand my intension for contacting you, and i also want to to believe that you will be capable of helping me and handling the completion of my dreams for my children.

I am Mrs Jessica Felu Savimbi the wife of Jona Savimbi from Angola, I got your contact from the organisation directory of your country, I am about to share with you an information which is so important to me and means alot to my life and the future of my children. My late husband UNITA Rebel Leader Jonas Malheiro Savimbi who was killed by the Angola military force as a result of the issue of political allocation, Deposited the sum of $10.5M {ten million five hundren thousand US dollar} gotten from the sales of diamond in a sundary account with a bank in Nigeria.

Before his dealth i was fully informed and given the deposite certificate as a compensation for me and my children. This fund he informed me was registered with a foreign partner as the beneficiary, this was use as a code. this is because he viewed that at his dealth his family member will take over his funds and property, and will also go about parading their self as the beneficiary.

Presently i am a refugee with my three children a girl and two boys in the above name address pending the transfer of the fund. i have all the document which i will send to you through my lawyer. What i want you to do is to assist me to get this fund transfered into your country as the beneficiary wher i and my children can come over and begin a new life.

I will give you 15% of the money for your assistance and 5% will be set aside for any expenses that might be incured. I will like you to know that this transaction is risk free as i have employed the services of lawyer to oversee the legality of the transfer. If you are capable and willing to help me and can maintain the confidence of this transfer please contact me immediatly.

I will also like you to know that an agreement will be written between us before the transfer begins for safety and record reasons, am waiting your urgent reply through this email Sincerely
Mrs Felu J Savimbi

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