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88. Mr. Bryant Anderson / 2004
Subject: mail from Anderson

Dear Sir,
I am Mr. Bryant Anderson , the Human Resources manager of Kellogg International Limited; an Oil Equipment Construction Company and also a Holland citizen.

Mr. Eric van Dyke (a Dutch) was a staff of our company. Unfortunately, during one of his official tours, he was involved in a ghastly accident that claimed his life 2 years ago. All efforts by me personally to trace his next of kin or relatives has proved abortive.

As a foreign staff of this company, he is entitled to the sum of USD21,450,000 in gratuity and pension. This money, which is to be paid to his next of kin has been long approved. The company is ready to pay out the sum on instalmental basis of USD100,000 per month until the whole amount is exhauted.

Since finding the deceased's family has become impossible,I therefore humbly seek your cooperation to stand in as his next of kin because in a short while, if claim is not received on the money,the company is bound to re-absorb the money into it operations. We do not want that to happen as it will amount to a total lose. If you could be of help in this you will be offered 15% of each monthly payment as compensation. All other arrangement has been made to ensure a smooth transaction.

As soon as you indicate interest, within two weeks, the first cheque will be processed and written in your favor. On clearing each payment you will send back to us 85% of the amount in the account details I will provide you later. So, if you are interested, send your full name, mailing address and telephone number through this e-mail so that we can start the processing immediately and the first cheque forwarded to you. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
Bryant Anderson


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