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89. Mrs. Mabel Williams / 2004

From: mrs. mabel Williams
14TH OF JUly 2004.
Attention: Director/CEO,

I am mrs.mabel Williams the wafe of the late Senator under elect Mr Desmond Williams. My housband died as a result of a bomb blast caused by rebels who are his enemies.

After the death of my housband which is untimely I found his bank particulars in his suit case with the amount of USD$5,000,000.00 (five Million Unites States Dollars) presently in his bank account. I ran instantly to one of my uncle for him to secure the particulars for me so that whenever I need them I will pick them up.

Not quite nine months now my housband is late his immediate brothers sold off his two duplex buildings and left the one we are living in now. One of his brothers have started gradually to threaten me so as for me to release the particulars to him which I refused to do so. Im now on exile in my neighbouring country with my two kid, and we dont have rest of mind here now.

Please I beg you in ! the name of our almighty God for you to provide me your bank account where this money would be lodged for safe keeping until I meet you in your country. I also need your telephone and fax numbers for easy communication, your residential address including your first and second leaf of your international passport for security purposes.

If you will really help me please kindly forward the needed information to my attorney for I have handled everything to him and he will be getting in touch with you. My attorneys name is Barr. Greg Ume and his email address is:

I will compensate you for your help to me with 30% of this money. You will also help me to buy an apartment which I and my kids will live for a life time. I will be expecting your urgent reply and may God bless you bountifully.

Thank you,
mrs. mabel Williams

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