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97. Robert Sinclear / 2004
Subject: Waiting for your response.

Dear, Friend.

My proposal to you will be very surprising, as we have not had any Personal contact before. However, I sincerely seek your confidence in this transaction,which I propose to you as a person of transparency,honesty and high caliber.

Let me first start by introducing myself properly to you. My name is Robert Sinclear, i was the Personal Assistant to the former(Haitian) President . I apologize if I have infringed on your privacy. It may interest you to know that the former president of (Haiti) has been fighting serious war for United Democracy for quite some years now, which has been backed (all along) by some foreign powerful countries.

Not quite long ago, the American government ordered (President, Jean Bertrand Aristed) to leave(Haiti) or be forced out of power by a Rabel force.Knowing fully well the capabilities of America and other powerful members of the United Nations, (President Aristed) decided,and left the seat of power into exile in South Africa to seek asylum.The same fate befell his associates including myself. Now a new government is in place .

In the light of all these sad happenings, there was this deposit i made with a Security Company in Europe in year January 2001.I suceeded in moving the sum of ($9.5M USD) (NINE MILLION,FIVE HUNDERED THOUSAND, UNITED STATES DOLLARS] to a private security company vault in Europe. Now, i need your services as a highly reliable foreigner to receive the funds into your bank account for the future survival of my family because i cannot presently operate any foreign bank account in my name. These funds (US$9.5m USD.) arose from various money i received from the sales of diamonds deals, we had with ( President Charles Taylor) of Liberia, which are abound in great quantity around the coastal areas of liberia.

I have decided that if you are able assist us,you shall be compensated with 25% commission of the funds, 5% of this money shall be set aside to take care of any local or foreign expenses that might be incurred along the line. My family will have the remaining 70% of the funds. It might also interest you to note that all security arrangements regarding this transaction has been put in place, therefore,you have nothing whatsoever to fear or worry about, as every arrangement will be co-handled by you and myself because i am presently in Europe to be precise Netherlands with my family for possible conclusion of this arrangement.

Most part of this share (70%) for my family will also be invested in a lucrative business courtesy of your full advice, assistance and connections because that is the most importat part of this transaction. As you indicate interest to assist my family,please kindly send to us your telephone/fax numbers for further discussion and clarification.I will be expecting to receive your urgent response for us to proceed to more details on this pending transaction.

God bless you as you respond promptly via my private Email:

Best regards,

Robert Sinclear.

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