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217. Mark Garba / 2005

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Dear Sir/Madam,

You will be surprise to receive this letter since you don't know me personally, but do treat this request as a call from somebody in need of your kind assistance, but for the purpose of introduction. I am Mr MARK GARBA.the son of Mr.JOHNSON GARBA the DIRECTOR of VUKA FARMERS ASSOCIATION IN ZIMBABWE.

our family and I came to South Africa on the Morning of 26th July 2000.When we woke up on 25the morning with our family only to find that squatters had barricaded us inside our home in Vuka Estate. I was confused, so my father asked what the matter was, they said that they are here to wipe away our family as Mugabe has commanded them to do so my farther pleaded with them but they refused, before we know what was happening they started forming up in ranks. It looked like some military manoeuvre was beginning."and when my farther asked them what he have done to deserve such thing, they said that he is defending the farmers in my area so therefore he and the Family should be Put to death .I managed to escape with my mother and the rest of our family to South Africa where we are residing right now as Refugees.

But before all the problem started in Zimbabwe my father foresaw everything. So he proceeded to South Africa where he lodged with a security company the amount of US$15(FIFTEEN MILLION UNITED STATES} which he had in all his accounts in Zimbabwe.

He planed to use the money for a new farm in Chinhoyi,northwest of Harare.He managed to secure the fund in a security company in South through the help of his friend, Dr.L.L Tsumba who is the Governor of Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ) before the crisis. As a family treasure, he did this so that South African Government will not have the idea of the existence of the fund in the Republic of South Africa. As the director of the Vuka farmers he fought for justice in my country before his death.

Presently the South Africa Government is supporting Zimbabwe Government and for this reason, it is difficult for us to invest this fund in South Africa to avoid us having any problem with the government of South Africa. Again, as an assylum seeker,the Law of South Africa does not permit asylum seekers to have any Bank account so I am in great difficulty on how to invest out of South Africa .

So I met a lawyer here whom is my father's friend from Zimbabwe who told me to contact a foreign partner who will provide me with his or her account or a company that will stand as the bonafide beneficiary of this Money to get it transferred out of South Africa for onward investment just to survive our Family. We can't continue to suffer just trying to Defend Humanity.

I got Ten email address from online server. I prayed that God could direct me to one of the honest contact person who will assist me in handling this transaction without disappointment After my prayer, I cast a slot and finally picked your email contact. I then dropped others and decided to contact you immediately. I therefore hope that you will not let me down especially after the fund has been transferred to your bank account from here. if you are Willing to help me with this please indicate so that I will give you more information on how to get this done.

For more information you can go to this web site to find all I am telling you and also to make you feel relaxed as you proceed with me in this transaction.There you will see other cases of White Farmers in Zimbabwe and also the Present situation of things.Many have been killed and many escaped the killing to other places where they are seeking refugee, The News is everywhere in CNN, BBC and other local Broadcasting co-operation. Even on January 14: 2002 I read that, 21 farmers were arrested and jailed for two weeks.Three others were later arrested and charged with the same crime, bringing the total to 24. I only put this Site Below Should incase you have not heard so that you can read every other story yourself. From the direction below you will see out own case especially.

Go to this web site: first before replying my mail so that You donít get confused on the site go to LAND INVASIONS then on the topic FARM STRIKE SPREADS AS WHITE MAN IS KILLED ON JULY 25 2000. You will see all other things for yourself. I will tell you more as soon as I get your positive response please fell free to Carry on with me as every arrangements has been made over here with the help of the lawyer to get this money transferred.

If you can give us the required assistance ,we are offering you 25% of the total sum,70%for the family and while 5%will be mapped out for any expenses we may incur during the course of this transaction.

Thanks and God bless you.
(For the family)

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