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228. Coddy Savimbi / 2005

Tel:+27 733 53 9325

Dear Sir:
I write to solicit for your utmost assistance on a business proposal that would be of immense benefit to both of us involved. I got your contact information while making inquiries through a business Trade Journal for investment purpose in your country.

Permit me to introduce myself. I am Coddy Savimbi, Personal assistant to the late Angolan rebel leader Mr. Jonas Savimbi of Unita Rebels in Angola. I was sent on a diplomatic mission to the Republic of South Africa to purchase arms and ammunition worth US$ 15 Million (Fifteen Million United States Dollars) and the money was properly arranged and delivered to South Africa by a diplomatic itineraries, a border post monitored by our rebel group.

On my arrival here in South Africa, I had a change of mind and decided to part ways with all the money under my control, following the facts that I had realized that we were fighting for the selfish interest of my late brother, the rebel leader Mr. Jonas Savimbi. Moreover, I decided to give peace a chance to reign for the emancipation of a new era in our country, Angola.

This money in the diplomatic luggage was deposited in a security and finance company here in South Africa for safety reasons and I intend to invest this money in a business that could generate an income for me, as I am no more in service to anybody.

Furthermore, I am presently seeking for political asylum here in South Africa, while making contact to see a way I can move this money to a foreign country where I could invest, as the country South Africa did not permit any investment by refugees.

I decided to contact you to stand as a foreign partner to provide an account where I will lodge this money into as the beneficiary. If you are interested in helping me with this transfer, I am offering you 15% of the total money and 80% is for me while 5% will be for any expenses that could be made in the course of this transaction.

There is no risk involved, as I have made every necessary arrangement for a successful transfer of this money. Always call me through the phone before sending me a fax through the number above.

Thanks while expecting your reply.

Best regards,
Coddy Savimbi.

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