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236. Euro Million Lottery / 2005

REF: ELG/743/B7/69


ATTENTION:Candidate with Security File number UK-743-GS.811

We are pleased to inform you, the beneficiary whosename is on this mail,(more personal data not included, to avoid impersonation) about the release of the awaited delayed result, to our first international promotion program held on 3rd January 2005.

This program was designed to promote and encourage international participation in our high stake English Summer Sweepstakes. All names entered in the program were presented by our international marketing department in conjunction with world residential white pages, humanitarian organisations, and the help of Embassies and chambers of commerce of countries in Europe, Australia, North and South America, The Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Using a computer balloting selection system from all names submitted for the program, your name with ticket number 45.026 won in the first category.Your ticket number 45.026, was awarded the sum of 850.000.00 (eight hundred and fifty thousand Pounds)

Your security file number for your winning claim is UK-743-GS.811 keep strictly and personal, All winning claims must be submitted by a registered claims agent for verification immediately, This is due to some mix up in participants Family names. For this purpose, we recommend GMS WORLD FINANCE AGENCY.Beneficiaries are to come to Europe to make direct claims to their respective winnings. In a situation where winners can not travel to Europe, alternative transfer process will be effected by the help of your registered claims agent.

To begin your claims, please contact your claims agent:

For all necessary verifications before direct claim or alternative transfer can be effected.(If beneficiaries can not come to Europe for direct claims and cash pick up, winnings must be insured to the original value by your claims agent,before alternative transfer process can be effected, after verification).

The dead line date for this claims is 4th March2005.After this date,unclaimed winnings will be returned to the British Economic Ministry,and late entry penalty requirements must be met before late entry claims can be considered.

All correspondence must be directed to your authorized and registered claims agent:GMS WORLD FINANCE AGENCY.

We shall send you correspondence, by mail about our next program, to be held in January 2006

(Programe Director)

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