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253. Song Zhong Int. / 2005
Subject: 1000 pounds per week job offer

Dear UK resident,

Our company "Song Zhong Int." is located in South Korea (motherland for such brands as Samsung, Daewoo and others). Our company profile is law and economical services for Korean citizens wishing to operate at foreign markets. We help with financial and personal representation of our customers in 48 different countries, including USA, Australia, countries of European Union and UK.

For now we have a demand in increasing the number of our part time employees in United Kingdom. According to this we are ready to offer you the part-time job in our company with the salaries starting from GBP 200 to GBP 700 weekly for 1-2 hours of employment time daily (5 working days a week).

The title for the position is "Junior financial representative".
Main tasks are:
- Receiving some calls on behalf of our customers.
- Receiving some business correspondence on behalf of our customers
- Receiving some business transactions on behalf of our customers
.and some others.

This tasks won't take more than 2 hours of your time daily and the starting salary would be GBP 450/week, which would be increased depending of your enthusiasm.

If you are interested in the current job offer please contact us by email at:

Do not reply to this email it won't be delievered, reply to:
your e-mail would be delievered.
Or send direct correspondence to:
Song Zhong Int.
1338-21, Seocho-Dong
Korea Business Center, RM #2217
Seocho-Ku, Seoul, Korea
David Lee
Employment Department

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