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270. Mrs. Susan Walete / 2005
Subject: From Mrs Susan ;

Dear Friend ,


With humble heart and spirit I commit myself this day to write to you, asking for your benevolent and kind consideration of my plight for assistance. I am making this contact on behalf of my family not minding the consequences but hoping that you will understand our predicament and come to our aid and assist us and apologise for any inconveniences or embarrassment this might cause your person.

By deposition, I am Mrs. SUSAN WALETE, the wife of the deceased General DANIEL WALETE, who until his unfortunate death was the Director of Finance and Budgetary control for the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). My husband was in charge of activities between UNITA and her Diamond trading partners world wide mainly in Europe Most of his activities cantered mainly around Diamond flown to Europe, through his connections in London's De Beer central selling organisation (CSO) to dealers contracted to UNITA. The revenue from these trades was basically used for funding UNITA'S activities.

This Unfortunate incidence which has left me and my only son demoralised happened at a check point near Lumbala, which shares a common boarder with Zambia. It occurred when government militiamen indiscriminately opened fire on my husband injuring him and two aides. My husband died two days later after the incidence in a camp during treatment. Considering the on going intensified civil war between UNITA and the government, I had to relocate with our Only son ,to ABIDJAN COTE D IVOIRE through the assistance of the UN Officials where I am currently.

While going through my husbands confidential documents, I discovered a certificate of deposit regarding a Trunk Box with description of "AFRICAN ARTWORKS" With a security firm here in West African country As belonging to a Foreign Partner. A personal hand written memo by my husband indicated that there was a total of US$18,000,000.00, as the real content of the box, which was done so as to disguise the real content there of, for security reasons .

Presently it is safe and the content undisclosed to the security firm and asking your assistance in putting up a formidable claim as the foreign partner to my late husband for the collection of the box from the security firm. You will be expected to invest same in your name on my behalf while maintaining my anonymity in your propose business undertaking. My situation is very desperate and I am incapacitated by the situation, as I do not have the know-how to handle such amount of money. I am soliciting your assistance in terms of logistics and material to be able to move the consignment from the security firm as the consignment has incurred a substantial amount of demurrage.

All document concerning the consignment are intact with me. I shall be very grateful to hear from you ,as soon as possible.

Thanks for your anticipated understanding and co-operation in this respect.

Yours sincerely,

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