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278. Dr. Williams Madu / 2005
Subject: Dear Friend
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear Friend,

I am please to write you this message through this means, please be informed that I am a private person (Project Manager) and a local investor or businessman, we are five businessmen who are into a joint partnership here and we want to go into the exporting of crude oil abroad to ready markets which are available to us.

On this note we are seeking for anyone who we can trust and that will be acting as our foreign partner because the government here in our country in collaboration with the ministry of petroluem gave a strong guideline which must be met before an exporting license can be granted, it is stated that we must have a foreign partner before the license can be granted.

Also we want to front you as our partner if you are willing to assist us, so that we can be granted the license to go into that venture ASAP. We will start-up all the necessary documentations which will take about 3 days with your full cooperations in this regards.

Also be informed that, there are some funds which my colleagues (Shareholders) got as a result of a kick back from a project they once executed with a Foreign firm on behalf of the government and they want to invest this funds in this deal, and they did not want the authorities here to know that they are involved in crude oil exportation and that is why I am the Project Manager of the partnership. It may interest you to know that we are serious in this transaction, we are going to front you as the new beneficiary of the funds to the relevant authorities here, thereby transferringthe rights & priviledges of the former foreign firm that handle the project to you; then you will be assumed as the beneficiary of the outstanding balance of US$10 Million and you are entittled to 10% of the sum which is US$1 Million which is provided by my colleagues for the purpose of this transaction an d you are required to send/remit back to us the remaining balance which will stand as a proof to the authorities here that truely you are our foreign partner in this partnership.

On this note, please you have to be confidential about the funds because my colleagues are still servicing in their various ministries where the funds originated from and they dont want the authorities here to know that, they inflated project sum initially which resulted to the US$10 Million outstanding we want to remit into your bank account, which will be invested on this crude oil business.

My dear friend this is a deal that will change our status in life and we do not want anything to jeopardise this transaction, so you have to be confidential about this deal, until we have secure the license for exporting the products to any ready and avaliable market/buyers that we can source for in the world.

Also on the issue of the exportation of the crude oil, we are offering you 10% of the profit after taxation of every transaction we make at the end of every 3 months through your efforts.
On this note, what you are required to do for us so that we can forge ahead in this deal, is for you to furnish me with the information below so that we can get the funds transfer to you immediately through any corresponding bank within 3-5 days ASAP, below are the informations required;

With the above details of your's I will process some vital documents that will enable the funds to be transfer to the bank account that you will provide for this purpose, please if there is any questions you may want to ask, be free to direct them to me ASAP via my personal

My regards.
(Project Manager)

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