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282. Sabina Harris / 2005
Subject: please help the needy

Dearest in the Lord.

Happy new year in advance, I hope all is well with you and your family. Please I am writing you based on the problem that I have at hand first let me introduced myself to you. I am Mrs. Sabina Harris, the wife of Ex-General BOUBA HARrIS of COTE D'IVOIRE , my husband was assigned for the purchansing and shipping of amunitions from overseas to Cote d'Ivoire during this period of rebel crisis in Cote d'Ivoire.

For the past three weeks my husband has been very sick and since them we have been trying to find out what the problem is as he cannot move or do anything. I have spent all that we have, and finally yesterday, after the xray result he had appeared the doctor dignosed that my husband has a Kidney failure and that we have to fly him to oversea for a surgery kidney transfer as there is no hospital that can take care of that here, that if care is not taking immediately that he will die in a month time.

As I was thinking of where to get money for the surgery, my husband told me that, thet last money (US$9.5 Million) giving to him to purchased amunitions as he cannot move ahead when france intervened in the country that he put this in a box and kept it in a company custody. And in order to secure the money he told the company that the box contained purchased goods by a customers who will come to claim it anytime as his cannot come down due to the hyjack of the air and sea ports of the country by the france army.

So now he ask me to look for a foreigner, who can help me to claim the money as the customer so that we can use some money from there for the surgery as we have nothing left. So please if you can help us my husband said that he is going to pay you what ever it cost you both time and money to get the box and that he will give you 15% of the total money for your compensation.

So please if you are willing to help us let me have your full name, residential address, private phone and fax number so that I can give you the contact of the company and the information of the box so that they can release the box to you. Expecting your response today in my private email box.

Mrs. Sabina Harris
Email: sabina

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