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294. Engineer Mike Dikibo / 2005
Subject: Dear Sir (Good day)!!!


Dear Sir,

I am Eng.Mike Dikibo. I got your contact through an international consultant.

There is a company in France called Hella!& Hella!! And some others companies around the globe that wants to buy some solid raw materials used for the production of their finished products. The name of the product is {ONXY SEDIMEMT MH3} and it is commonly found in Africa. The company(HELLA AND HELLA) needs a new supplier/company of the said products.Thus, ready to entrust their funds to the company for continuation of purchase.

The product is no more available to us as an individual supplier, due to some patent law against individual suppliers. The France Company are in need of this product,has production has stop due to the shortage of the above resources.

However, they want another registered company that can supply the same products and they are ready to buy at any giving price from your company, for continue of supply of the products.

Thus, I want to use your company as supplier of the said products. To successfully carry out this transaction, I advice you contact the buying company in France for confirmation of their interest in the said product thus,contact me for more information and confidentiality with the board of management.

However,the buying company will have to make arrangement for the lifting of the products thus, make an easy payment to you during supply by cash or bank transfer.

This transaction is 100% risk free,the information i need from you is your contact phone number\fax number and your company resgistered name is needed in this transaction for a back up. I was the former links to the former supplier company thus; I am in position to link who ever have a registered company that we can use for the transaction.

However, we both have to share the profits as 25% for me 5% for miscellaneous and 70% for your company. I am ready to link who ever to the buying company and to the{ LOCAL MINERS}producers of the said products, 1 kg of Onyx Sediment MH3 costs $2,700.00 from the producers in Africa and the buying company purchase from you at the rate of $5,480.00 per kg. The company now needs, 4,000, Four thousand kilograms for a start. Your response will facilitate my arrangement with the aforementioned company.

And please for some reasons you can only contact me through this E-mail.Address ( For now

Best Regards.

Eng.Mike Dikibo.

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