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307. Zoom Group / 2005
Subject: Re[1]:Job Vacancies numderı rmi

Hello from Zoom Group.

I'm Leiko Pulkonnen, the general manager of Zoom Group, which provides postal and financial services.
We are pleased to inform you that we have new vacancies available at our company immidiately.
We are currently looking for sales assistants.
The pay rate depends on the amount of work. Ussually it takes about 2-3 hours a day and pays back as much as 50$ per hour of work.

If you're interested in a part time job at our company, Zoom Group will be pleased to do business with you.

We are a European based company which provides services worldwide.

You do not need money to start work in our company. Follow this link to view the details of this opportunity.

Leiko Pulkonnen
Zoom Group, Helsinki, Finland

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