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314. Lucian Tudor / 2005
Subject: Please help for the sake of humanity

Dear friend,
I am Lucian Tudor, I am 49 years old. I am a citizen of Romania, but I am resident in South Africa. I was born an orphan and was blessed me abundantly. But I am not a happy man. I have no wife and I have no children. As at now I am seriously sick. I just came out of the hospital back to my home. I am suffering from lung cancer and I had partial stroke which has affected my speech. I can no longer talk, and half of my body is paralyzed. The doctors say I have about two months to live. I send this email to you with the help of my private male nurse who is typing my request. I have little time so I have committed it to spreading my wealth towards better health care for mankind. In the hospital where I was, I gave the management USD$3 million to upgrade their cancer research facility.
I have also made some cash donations to orphanage children homes in Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and some in South Africa. I have succeeded in spreading my liquid cash towards well deserved means. My soul is happy.
What I am doing gives me joy. I am now sharing my properties and valuables. I donít know you, but I am contacting you with the hope that you will carry out my wish for the sake of humanity. I have 5 million dollars (USD) deposited with a Diplomatic company in Europe. I want you to take custody of the 5 million dollars (USD) and use it to build and operate (you could look for someone to operate it if you are unable to) an orphanage in your country. You will name the orphanage Lucian Tudor orphanage home. You must follow my wish for it will gladden my heart.

If you are ready to do this and carry out my wish, then get in contact with my lawyer with the following information below:
[1] Your names,
[2] your phone and fax number,
[3] your residential address,

My lawyer's contact information is:
Name: Louis Phillips
Email address:

Greetings from me

Lucian Tudor.


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