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331. Trenton Brock / 2005
Subject: Your domain in the search engines

Finally! The three major search engines reverse-engineered!
Report: "The search engines' secret code to getting top-ten ranking is finally cracked,"...(*)
...proclaims the founder of the only known "underground" search engine reverse-engineering project.

(*) Webmaster: As you devour every word of this report, keep in mind that all results claimed here can be verified at this site. You'd kick yourself for not taking this free offer very, very seriously! So read on...

     "We know exactly how to get your site ranked on page one, for whatever you're selling" says the project leader, "even for single-keyword phrases!" A bold claim that the group is willing to back up, by proudly showing you actual example sites ranking #1 or #2 on Google, Y!, or MSN.

    How can these wizards consistently generate an avalanche of targeted traffic from the 3 major search engines, where even most professionals fail?

    "All so-called 'experts' rely on opinion, not on fact," says the group's founder, "The difference is our scientific, statistical analysis of 2,000+ page ranking factors -- it yields the unbiased truth on how to rank in the top 10 for virtually any keyword." Just how did they do it?

    In a mammoth project, the group has been secretly feeding the search engines 20,000 keyword searches at a time, and mathematically extracted the 2,000+ most potent ranking factors... while debunking all the snake-oil, lies, and myths circulated on the Internet on how to rank well with search engines:

  • Hypens or no hyphens in the domain name?
  • On inbound links, does page rank matter?
  • Javascript or popups on your pages: help or hurt?
  • Deadly sins that'll get you penalized or even delisted
  • Secret ways to get indexed almost instantly!
  • Ways to buy unlimited inbound links for < $1 ea!

    ...and literally thousands of additional search engine FACTS -- not "opinions," not "anecdotes," not "advocacy" -- for such garbage, stop reading this letter right now and go back to the free SE forums!

    Since you're still with me, you'll agree that it's almost impossible to come by factual, true, goldmine information like this... information that has enabled the group's founder to sell two of his top-ranked sites for a cool $150,000 (proof here). In fact, their sites' new owner keeps laughing all the way to the bank, netting $10,000 - $20,000 a month (proof here) with these sites... almost without lifting a finger!

    As you're asking yourself, "how can *I* get my hands on this information that could net me hundreds of thousands of dollars?", I have sobering news: These underground search engine gurus are shrouding themselves in quite a bit of secrecy!

    Seriously, would you give out the TRUTH about search engines to just anyone, including the "enemy"-- the search engines themselves, who are certain to salivate over this letter, dying to find out what our friends know about their methods? Would you want everyone and his brother to know these techniques so they become worthless and ineffective next week?

    Yes, unfortunately it is almost impossible to meet the few underground marketers who actually do make boatloads of money online--much less to get them to reveal their techniques. Winners rarely spill their guts!

    But as I sense your disappointment rise, I have truly fantastic news for you! The reverse-engineering group has agreed to a one-time "nothing-held-back" event, to teach a limited number of participants their methods... some of their methods will actually be revealed to 100 people absolutely free here!

  • Meet these "gurus" free, over the Internet, right now, if you're one of the first 100 people to visit their site -- they have a free 10-part telecourse and a free online teleseminar prepared for the lucky first 100 to respond to this letter. The information they give out free can make up to a quarter of your overall page ranking! Will you be lucky enough to grab one of the free 100 spots here?
  • Meet them face-to-face on June 17 and 18, if you're one of the lucky 20 people to be accepted to their Search Engine Underground Event on those dates. This is an in-person seminar, first-come, first-serve, by-invitation-only, at a to-be disclosed major metropolitan location in the U.S.A.
  • Plus, take their knowledge home: At the event, get a copy of their Two-inch thick 3-ring binder containing the complete statistical reverse-engineering of the three major search engines, plus software to choose optimum domain names--after the last 20 copies are gone, the group will stop giving out this information forever!

    So what's the first step? Sign up for their free 10-part telecourse here (hurry, limited to 100 participants) -- and you'll automatically learn how to qualify for the 20 remaining seats at the U.S

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