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332. Lela Rivers / 2005
Subject: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 10:50:22 +0400 scabbard

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Airbus has estimated it will cost 3 billion euros ($3.76 billion) to develop the mid-size A350. Chief Executive Noel Forgeard has said Airbus is likely to ask for up to 1 billion euros in repayable state loans from European governments.The two sides said in a joint statement they would not let their aviation spat spill into other trade areas, including negotiations with developing nations for a global free trade blueprint that are due to reach a climax in December. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union said on Monday it had made a new proposal to the United States to avert a World Trade Organization (WTO) showdown over subsidies enjoyed by rival aircraft makers Airbus and Boeing.She dceilned to give dteials of the poropasl, but said Mnaedslon was hpoing for a rseopnse from U.S. Tarde Rpeerestntaive Rboert Promtan eraly this week.Hwoveer, tehre is ltitle to dceide and the Cmoimssion has full atuohirty to jduge wehhter its rluing is bieng floolewd."SPINNING TO THE PRESS""nUoftrnutaley, at this piont, the EU is no lnoger wliilng to hold off on luanch aid, and has only poropsed to rdeuce sbuisides, not end tehm," he said in a satetemnt."eW're etxeremly dsipaopnited that teh'yve bgeun sipnning to the perss -- this does not help our rletaoins or the mnagameent of the US.-.EU rletaoisnihp," U.S. Tarde Rpeerestntaive sopekmsan Rciahrd Mlils said in a satetemnt erailer.During this period both sides would be able to continue with disputed aid, and they would have even more time after that to comply with any decision ruling it illegal.runs out for Microsoft this week after an antitrust ruling by the European Commission: it must either comply or face possible fines up to $5 million daily.His comment was a barely disguised personal snub to Mandelson, whose former political career in Britain was marked by charges of media manipulation.However, there is little to decide and the Commission has full authority to judge whether its ruling is being followed."We made a deal that before the end of the month we would reach an agreement. We are waiting for the Microsoft people to do their homework," Kroes told Reuters last week.An EU official said the latest plan was more specific on the scope and timing of subsidy reductions.That all is supposed to change on June 1.The Commission, which polices competition in the 25-nation European Union, fined the U.S. software giant a record 497 million euros ($654.9 million) on March 24, 2004, and ordered it to change the way it does business.

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