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365. Rebecca Ankoh / 2005

Dear Sir,

:Your kind attention.

I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise but I want you to believe that it is the wish of GOD for you to help the helpless. God has decided to bless you and I through this email and I know that he will touch your heart to assist me if you are actually sent to me by him.

My name is Mrs.Rebecca Ankoh Davis. I am writing you this mail from the ECOWAS Refugee Rehabilitation Camp in Cote - D' Voire. I am a Sierra -Leonian National and the wife of Late Dr. Johnson Ankoh Davis. My late husband was the General overseer of Diamond and Gold Mines in the Kaneina District of Sierra Leon, until April 16th 2001 when the military forces loyal to the government of president Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, invaded the Diamond and Gold Mines and Killed my husband, mistaking him for his junior brother Mike Ankoh Davis, who is the deputy leader to the rebel leader of the revolutionary United Front (RUF) Mr. Foday Sankoh. When the news reached me, I hurriedly gathered some valuables in our house and escape with my two kids George & Lynda along with other displaced people to safety.

We were eventually picked up in a bush on the 22nd of April 2001 by the Ecomog Soldiers who immediately handed us over to the International Red Cross Society in Freetown, Sierra Leone, the red cross society finally arranged for our safe movement to the Ecowas refugee camp in Cote D Voire. Presently we are camped in one of the Ecowas refugee rehabilitation centers in Abidjan, and the hope of returning to our home country is not in sight as the war between the government forces and the rabel forces is still going on.

Among the valuables I took along with me was my husbands personal file which contained details of a deposit of $20.5 million U.S Dollars my husband deposited with a security company in Europe as family teasure, with the name of our son George. Although I suspect this money was illegally made from the sales of gold and Diamond mines and was immediately moved toEurope for safety when my late husband was the generaloverseer of the gold and diamond mines in sierra Leone.He did this because of the presure mounted on him to leave office by the present regime and wanted to use the funds for his own personal Gold and Diamond company which he planned to open in Europe.

Presently as a registered refugee-my movement is restricted. I have no access and fund to travel to Europe to negotiate for the release of this money/consignment, It's under this terrible condition we are in the camp, I have no other option than to seek for your assistance good legal agreement, armed with all the legal document about the money you should now act on my behalf as the beneficiary, and help me to sign this money out from the security company if possible transfer the money to your country where possibly a small scale industry can be established with such an amount under my supervision. I promise to giveyou 30% of the amount in question, and 10% share in any investment we will jointly embark on if eventually you assist me.

All I need from you is your assurance that my money will be safe pending my freedom also that you will not disappear with the money or sit on it and say that you do not know me again. This is a cry for urgent assistance and must be kept very confidential. If you are ready to assist me, let me know via email and I will give you all the documents which will help you contact the company in Europe for negotiation and collection of the consignment. This will take place after you have writen and signed an assurance letter to me that my money will be safe with you till my arrival.

This is my alternative email address ;(

Thanks and God bless


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