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367. Royal National Lottery / 2005
Subject: International Lottery Programme!!!

FOR SILVER STAKE WINNER- Ref. No.- RNL/051/652659967/UK


Royal National Lottery has just concluded its final draws of it's periodical promotional program. An exclusive list of email addresses of thousands of individual and corporate bodies were picked by automated random computer search from the internet. No tickets were sold.

Your email address emerged as one of seven winners in the silver stakes category as email addresses were soughted, from a total number of 25,000 addresses drawn from all over the globe.

After an automated computer ballot of our International Promotions Program, only SEVEN winners emerged in this category and therefore each are to receive payouts of €1,500,000,00 from the total of €10,500,000.00 (TEN MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS).

However,every email address selected was accompanied by a reference and ticket number, after the cyber lotto selection, the below ticket and reference numbers emereged as one of the lucky winners in the above category.CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Reference number for your prize is:Ref. No.- RNL/051/652659967/UK Ticket No.- RNL87867UK

For the your prize claim processing, we have employed the service of an lnternational Trust firm. They are to handle the transfer of your cash prize of ?1,500,000.00 in line with our procedures and upon your directions.

Your prize has been insured to its full value with your email address and will be transferred to you under their professional service. To immediately initiate the processing of your prize claim, please contact our financial handlers Bond Finance & Securities,below are the contact information of their FINANCIAL DIRECTOR;
Mr. Leonard Walter
Financial Director
Bond Finance & Securities.
Fax: +448701355854

In your best interest(s), you must initiate contact within two weeks of receipt of this correspondence.Bond Finance & Securities, are to handle all matters with regards to claiming of your prize money. You are also advised to send a copy of this email, to your claims agent Mr. Leonard Walter, when contacting him.

You may be required to provide any of the above information during the process of collecting your prize. We congratulate you once again and it is our hope that you participate in any of our international programs in the nearest future.

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!.

Elsa Dalton,
Promotions Manager,
Royal National Lottery,
United Kingdom

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