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368. Info / 2005
Subject: Job Offer

Financial Manager

Velocity Global Resources is a one stop project management agent. It is a virtually managed B2B designed to cater advanced programming services ranging from web application, C++ modules, web designing to data conversion from text to SGML, XML. Our focus is different from the ordinary development companies. We offer exclusively one on one service to corporations, making sure that a whole team is working behind the IT needs of that particular company through their own web based profile, which is secured and will update account information, project status information, bug reports, etc.

We have many ways to save our clients' money. We hire the cheapest programmers and designers all over the world. Our stuff works mostly from home and we don't pay high office rent. That is why our price is the best on the market.

One of these ways to save money is hiring a Financial Manager.
In case of getting order from another country we have to pay 15% fee for international bank transfer according to the US law. To reduce the tranfer cost we are looking for Financial Managers all over the world. When we get an order from another country, the Financial Manager in this country gets the payment and sends it to us through Western Union. Commission rate of Financial Managers is 3%. This way we reduce expences for international bank transfer twice.

In order to qualify for the position, you must be aged 21 and above. The prospective candidate should be good with numbers, committed and a good communicator. No special education is required; however, any experience in accounting / finance / client relations / database management is an advantage. You will be working under the direct supervision of the respective Regional Collections Executive. You receive your commission as soon as the transfer is carried out. There are no probation periods, no rolling reserves and no hidden fees or deductions.

Now required financial manager in:
The United Kingdom
New Zealand

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