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377. Mr Lawrence Amaji / 2005


First, I must solicit your trust and strict confidence in this transaction; this is by nature of the top-secret information I am about to divulge to you.Having gotten your contact from a reliable source, I beleive you will not betray me at the end of it. Though I did not disclose the nature of business to the source i got your contact, bearing in mind the confidentiality this business requires.

I am Mr Lawrence Amaji, personal aid and assistant to Mr. Charles Taylor, who until recently was the president of the peoples republic of Liberia and presently in political asylum in Nigeria. In view of our preparations for asylum over the months, I was saddled with responsibility of finding a comfortable accommodations, ransportations and movement of his personal effects, belongings and properties taken away from Liberia to enhance his comfortable stay in Nigeria. As his close aid, I was in charge of packaging and movement of trunk boxes containing US Dollar notes and Diamonds stone.

On the movement of these trunk boxes to Nigeria, I quickly removed Two of the trunk box containing the sum of Twenty Five Million US Dollar (USD25,000,000.00). This was believed by Charles Taylor, his family and every security operatives to be lost on transit, since no one can really have a legal backing of the fund, because Charles Taylor took away this money from Liberian Government.

On our arrival to Nigeria from Liberia on the 11th day of August 2003, I quickly deposited this trunk box containing the money with a security & finance company but registered it as a Jewelries and personal documents for safe-keeping, pending on my readiness to come for collection. I now wish to move this money to your country for investment as my services to the deposed president Charles Taylor is coming to an end since I can not continue staying in asylum with him in Nigeria. As I cannot leave Nigeria without moving this fund to a safe and convenient bank account, I have agreed to give you 40% of the money for your assistant in moving this money to your country.

Please keep this highly confidential for this is my only benefit for having served Charles Taylor for so many years. You are free to read from any international newsprint about our asylum stay in Nigeria, as I look forward to your favorable response and your interest in assisting me.I would like you to view this website on our arrival to Here;<

As soon as I hear from you, I will direct you on what next to do to get this fund transfered in your bank account. Also forward to me your private, mobile telephone number for easier communication. As I hear from you, I will give you more detail on my arrangement to conclude the transaction. I will also like to go into joint venture with you after transfer and will need your advise for this investment.
Please take Note: To maintain the secerecy of this business, forward your response to this

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Lawrence Amaji.

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