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386. Damayanto Wahyu / 2005
Subject: Give me life again


This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not met personally. My name is Damayanto Wahyu, a business merchant in Indonesia. I was a victim of the TSUNAMI disaster that led over 174,000 people dead in Indonesia's Aceh province. Well, I lost all my family members and was seriously injured as a result of this catastrophe and currently hospitalised in Madrid, Spain. My illness has defiled all form of medical treatment and I only have about a few months to live according to medical report.

But there is however a last solution, which the doctor has explained to me, with conditions.According to the doctor, there is 50% chance for me to survive if I undergo a surgical operation on my Heart, which has the possibility of failing if the operation is not carried out within the earliest possible time.Unfortunately, following the disaster, I have lost everything and as a result, I am unable to raise the amount required by the doctors to carry out the said operation. The total estimate for this operation in US dollars is about $65,000.00. If I imagine the possibility of raising this amount from my hopeless situation, I get confused and scared the more.My innermost self tells me I have to give up everything and simply allow destiny to take it's course. Still, I have the conviction that a Good Samaritanwill not allow this to happen to me, simply because of my financial situation.It is on this note that I am writing in tears to seek your kind assistance towards my condition.

I have no choice, but to seek your kind heart,believing that you will open your heart to consider my plight.While I look forward to hearing from you, be assured of my goodwill and continued prayer of many blessing for your kindness and generosity and I shall definitely remember your kind assistance to me as long as I live..Please think upon my condition and just imagine how much you will be helping to save my live and restore hope to my soul, by your generous donation and assistance in whichever way your heart moves you.If your heart truly accepts to assist me, then, I would supply you with the doctor's name and contact number and where required, I will provide an account for funds remittance.

In fact, I am not imposing any particular amounton you as a levy but will gladly appreciate your voluntary and humanitarian contributions, however small this may be.I will be checking my email regularly just in case there is a response from you...The doctor has a laptop and it's at my disposal and I will be glad to hear from you soon..
Thank you and God bless.

Damayanto Wahyu.

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