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388. DVD Zone Shop Team / 2005
Subject: BANK Transaction Confirmation

BANK Transaction Confirmation
Please retain for your records
Thank you

Transaction details:
Transaction for the value of: GBP 286.95
Description: DVD Zone Shop Payment
Merchant's bank ID: 335
Pre-Authorisation Date/Time: 27/Aug/2005 10:24:12
Transaction ID: 125973284
This is not a tax receipt.

This confirmation indicates that your bank transaction has been processed successfully.
Your new account has been successfully created with the following details:
Login Name: Falcone12
Password: 798259801

If you have any questions about your order (including refunds, delivery status, wanting to
cancel your order),please do not hesitate to contact our sales team by emailing

Thank you for shopping.
DVD Zone Shop Team.

The recipient of this piece of spam definitely wasn't on-line when the alleged transaction was made and he's not even sure if he had his computer switched on then!

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