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407. USB Phone / 2005
Subject: 450minutes to fixed or mobile phones

USB Phone:  Call anywhere in the world free of charge with our USB Phones! Making calls with your Internet connection has never been easier! Get one of our spring collection Skype and other SIP Ready internet phones today and call in style. There is no special modification to your pc. Just plugin and call.

PRE-LOAD WITH CALLING MINUTES UP TO 495 minutes to call main cities in Europe and or up to 389mins to call any phone/mobile in USA and Canada. Can be used to call any other country with more or less minutes!

USB Phone is a high quality USB telephone which has been specifically designed for Skype. It integrates flawlessly with any other SIP software like SIPphones, SJLabs and Xten and can be use for calling fixed and mobile phones.

Key Features

  • Make/receive VoIP calls to any Skype users 
  • Make and receive SIP VoIP calls to any fixed or mobile phones
  • Rings loudly on an incoming call 
  • Caller ID function on VoIP calls 
  • PC-to-PC, PC to any land or Mobile Phone anywhere in the world 
  • Plug-and-play,USB1.1 compatible, No external power/sound card required
  • Echo cancellation, noise reduction 
  • Full-duplex communication with crystal clear speech 
  • 199 incoming call and 199 dial number With LCD and LED display

Best of all, the  Internet USB Phone is compatible with any SIP VoIP service, including free SIP service providers, such as AddaLine, FreeWorldDialup, SIPCall, TerraCall, and SIPphone.  It is also fully compatible with the popular MNS NetMeeting, Skype and other PC-based softphone applications so your options are unlimited.

You can sign up for these additional VoIP providers for Free PC-to-PC free calling to other people not on your pre-paid SIP network, and use the pre-loaded minutes to call regular  or mobile phones.

1 x USB = US$65.00 (Pre-paid calling coupon NOT included)

2 x USB = US$99.99 Save US$30.00 on phone (Pre-paid calling coupon included) Save more with Free Calling Coupon to fixed and Mobile phones worldwide!

To order yours use the web address below 
True Story:

I used to spend more than US$1.20/min calling my family in USA from Middle East. Your pre-loaded coupon gave me almost 390 minutes of calling last month......or a saving of US$468.00. My USB phone and my lappy now travels with me wherever I go. Each time I want to chat with my Skype buddies for a long time I use the pre-loaded minutes to call their fixed or mobile phones and asked them to be online at a pre-arranged time. Great service! ..          Chamber Stevenson - Saudi Arabia.
 No Commitment 

You are not obliged to retain the service of the company giving away  free-trial subscription coupon. If you do not like their services you can switch to any of the free PC-to-PC calling service.

For now, just order the phone, and starting calling real phone numbers of everyone you’ve been wanting to talk to!

Take advantage of the initial pre-paid calling minutes that comes with these phones and get up to 450 minutes of calling to fixed phones and mobile phones in USA/Canada and fixed phones in most European. The credits can also be used to call any other country for more or less minutes depending the country you are calling. Beat high overage charge! Enjoy the peace of mind and security knowing that every family member is just a phone call away without having to worry about high cell phone bills.  Join 100s of thousands to millions of other people now using VoIP like Skype to save on phone bills.

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