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416. Mobile VoIP F1000 / 2005
Subject: ? Free calling credits - up to 600 minutes

Telephone Cost-Savings Newsflash

Mobile VoIP F1000

VoIP Kits are very hot in demand right now. According to CompUSA VoIP just may be the hottest item on the 289-Superstore chain's shelves this coming Holiday Season. "The adoption rate has been very, very quick over the last several months," signaling the death of traditional phone companies.  Currently, CompUSA is selling 3,500 VoIP kits a month, but that pace is expected to hit 18,000 to 25,000 a month in November and December.

We have it. Before you buy any cheapo bulky equipment this month take a look at the Wi-Fi - F1000 Mobile handset - the latest that hits the market. You wouldn't touch  any other VoIP phone gadget anymore if you see it. You will also hate your Cheapo Skype USB phone too.

Haven’t made the jump to VoIP yet? I understand perfectly the reason why.

  • You don't want to be switching on/off your pc each time you want to call
  • You hate the idea of downloading and installing software from pc to pc
  • Other equipment are too bulky to be carry along
  • Need something that is wireless and you can use in hotspot area
  • Something that have the look and feel of a normal mobile phone
  • Something you can use to call landlines and other mobile users anywhere in the world.  

While some claim the demise of mobile telecommunication companies is just a matter of time due to their high overage charge, chances are you’ll still be using your corded USB PC phone for some time to come. Still, that doesn’t mean that you have to be tied to your desk. F1000 Wifi Mobile VoIP phone offers a handy hands-free option worth a look.

F1000 WI-FI MOBILE VOIP PHONE is Only $194.50 plus FREE Shipping and Cost-Saving Coupon of over 600 minutes included.

Now is the time for you to unlock the hidden power of  "VoIP technology” and experience why people are rushing to stores to buy their own VoIP equipment before Christmas.

Just copy and paste the web address below to your browser.

We also stock Skype USB phones ONLY 65.00, broadband routers and adapters, Dialup phones, IP phones and accessories at rock-bottom prices all comes with calling credits.

All the best,
Stephan Clark
Senior Editor

VoIP Cost-Savings Journal International

 Take advantage of the initial pre-paid calling minutes that comes with this phone and get up to 500 minutes of calling to fixed phones and mobile phones in USA/Canada and fixed phones in most European. The credits can also be used to call any other country for more or less minutes depending the country you are calling. Beat high overage charge! Enjoy the peace of mind and security knowing that every family member is just a phone call away without having to worry about high cell phone bills.  Join 100s of thousands to millions of other people now using VoIP like Skype to save on phone bills. 

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