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460. Rosamond Harcus (Hoodia) / 2005
Subject: How many diets have you tried?

HO0DIA CACTUS MAKES YOU LOSE flab The most powerful and safe flab-loss is finally available without prescription. Natural HO0DIA CACTUS TABLETS with 100% money back guarantee and free shipment everywhere in the World!

Hoodia is a new, exciting and powerful nutritional supplement that will suppress your appetite like no other product. it tackles every blubber problem by the root:

it simply stops your craving for food without any side-effect. HO0DIA Cactus is not really new, it has been used by the indigenous tribal people in South Africa as a natural appetite suppressant and thirst quencher during long hunting trips for generations. The rediscovered extract from this African cactus has been tested in clinical trials and discovered on obese subjects to reduce caloric intake by 40% to 50%. Meaningful blubber loss will result from such a drop in daily caloric intake.

HO0DIA Diet Tabs is the solution for a safe natural stimulant free flab loss. HO0DIA Diet Tabs contain the powerful appetite suppressant HO0DIA cactus in a one hundred percent caffeine free, ephedra free and stimulant free pill unlike any other.

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Dr. Rosamond Harcus

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