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482. Robi Wiliams / 2005
Subject: When somebody is saying that something is unreal we interrupt him by doing it!

Thank you for your time.
We are an international transport company.We deliver goods, mostly food.
We have an excellent reputation, and a great experience.
We have main offices in USA, Australia, Germany.
Our main rule is to make an atmosphere of family in our company.Our staff is in safety and under protection our company.We pay all taxes, filling in declarations in time, pay all fees and rule our business according to the law.
We do trust you our money and we are waiting for your honesty and believe in our future.
For example you will be transferred $1000, you will have to send to the given address with the help of WU( money gram, e-gold) $1000 minus money for WU minus 8% which is your salary.
We check all accounts of our clients and suppliers, we work only with reliable representatives.
Our company is controlled by government, international police, banks, paying systems.
Contact us:

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