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508. Haley Cortes
Subject: Awaiting your nomination for 2006 awards

Your prayers and desire for a dream job and recognition in 2006 have come true!

Do you find yourself stagnant in one position in your career path and unable to move to the next level because you do not have the necessary paper qualifications to show for your experience?

Do you find yourself too busy to sit in a classroom to upgrade your professional qualification to a College Diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate that displays to all what you really can do?

Have you undergone relevant out of school technical training in any field and you need a paper qualification from educational institutions in the USA , Canada or the UK to backup your training and experience for a better paying job?

Have you been doing long-distance offline or online training but unable to complete it due to pressure of job but you feel you have the relevant experience for a College Diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate? Do you want credits for your past training?

If you answer yes to any of the above question we can help you realize your dreams in 2006.

We can help you obtain the recognition you deserve based on your current knowledge and life-long experience through established relationships with distinguished non-accredited Universities and Colleges in the USA , Canada and the UK

Awards can also be granted for the purpose of honoring those who exemplify the ideals of Higher Education through their significant achievements and contributions to business and society in their respective geographic area.
For a Doctorate or Masters of Business Administration, a previous university education MAY NOT BE REQUIRED for persons with extensive experience in any field related to civil service, business administration, management, finance, healthcare, military, etc.

How It Works

After careful assessment and evaluation by the awarding institution, you will receive within 14 working days your desire paper qualification along with official transcripts of all the relevant subjects passed. The awarding institutions also provide degree verification and official transcripts in writing when requested by your employer/s or other institutions that may request them from you. This official College & University transcripts meet the highest academic standards printed on premium diploma paper, bearing the official gold raised SEAL of the awarding institution. Donít worry, your confidentiality is assured. Many of our past applicants are adults working in different fields. Many are already successful and occupying prominent positions in society such as CEOs and CFOs from Fortune 500 companies, Diplomats, Politicians, Church Ministers, Academics, business people and ordinary people like you around the globe.

If you are interested complete our Pre-Assessment Evaluation Application Form, KClick here


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