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546. Mrs benita keita
Subject: good day

Mrs benita keita
Address : United Nations Refugee , rue 30 dakar senegal

Dear Sir,
Compliment of the day, I know you may be suprise to receive my email, after going through your profile we decided to unfold our investment plan to you of which we are convince as to seek for your assistance and help, I am Mrs benita keita 58yrs old the wife of late Dr. rachidi keita , My husband was the former chairman of Democratic Peoples Party in Republic of Ivory Coast located in West Africa. He was assasinated in a coup plot by late President General Robert Guei which leads to the current civil war in my country.
Before his death he was able to confirm to me of an existence safe deposit which he had deposit and declared valued of $7mseven Million US Dollars) in a finance and security vault through a diplomatic channell in dakar senegal Presently I have just arrived here in dakar along with my elder son Mr.John keita and we have been granted asylum under the protection of United Nation High Commission for refugee due the continue problem with the Ivorian Government. we have certisfied the existence of the fund in the finance and security vault with all the appropate documents of the fund in our position as the beneficiary of the fund.
We have also concluded every arrangement with the diplomat for the romoval of the box from the security vault so that we can transfer the fund out of dakar for investment purpose to your country because due to our current status as a political refugee we are limited to handle such huge amount of cash as we are prohibited from operating a bank account due to our status as refugee.
For the above reason we have decided to seek for an assistance and help from you as a foreign partner to enable us reach a contract joint venture partnership agreement to transfer and invest the fund in a profitable business orientation in your country under long time joint venture partnership to enable us entrust the investment in your care and management as soon as it is cleared from the finance and security vault here.
(1) I will offer a 15% reasonable percentage from the total fund as a reward for all your help in transferring of the fund to your Bank account in your country
(2) I will map out 3% of the total fund to meet up any expences made by both parties during the transaction
(3) To enable us relocate and settle in your country as soon as the fund is successfully transferred to your country.
(4) To reach a long term partnership agreement to entrust the investment in your management.
Kindly regard my contact to you through email as our only althernative for the security of the transaction and for further information and proceedures.
I will be expecting your soonest reply as soon as possible.
Yours Sincerely
Mrs benita keita

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