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565. Mrs: Luzabi Bright
Subject: Request for Urgent Cooperation

Dear Sir

Sir, You may be surprise to receive this massage from me since you donít know me in person, but for the purpose of introduction, I am a Zimbabwean. My Name is MRS LUZABI BRIGHT the wife of late GEORGE BRIGHT who was murdered in a land dispute in ZIMBABWE.

My late husband was among the few Black Zimbabwean rich farmers murdered in cold blood by the ruling Government of President ROBERT MUGABE for his support and sympathy for the white farmers against the Government policy of taking over there farm lands.

Before the death of my husband, He deposit the sum of TWENTY SIX MILLION USDOLLARS (26,OOO, OOO.OO) with a Security and Finance company, in South Africa as if he knew the looming danger in Zimbabwe. The money was deposited as family treasure to avoid much demurrage from the security firm.

The money ! was earmarked for the purchase of new machinery and chemicals for the farms and for establishment of new farms in Lesotho and Swaziland. The land problem arose when President MUGABE introduced a new land acquisition Act. Which wholly affects the white farmers. Some few blacks including my Husband vehemently condemned the method of operation adopted by the government.

This resulted in killings of many people against this Law by President ROBERT MUGABEīs killing squad. Many people were killed including my husband. After the killings the killer squad was after my children and I, we had to run out of our country to South Africa where we are currently staying.

We have now decided to transfer this money to your country where we can invest it, because we are afraid of investing this amount of money in South Africa for fear of encountering the same experience in future since Both Countries have the same political history. I must tell you that this is 100% risk free, as I have all the documents regarding this fund.

So if you are willing to assist us, We shall compensate you with a reasonable agreeable percentage of the total fund.(20%)

If you are interested reply via, Fax No.00 871-76295-7763, or

I also need your private phone and fax number for easy communication.

Best Regards,


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